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 Woman Sobs at "Humiliating" TSA Patdown

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PostSubject: Woman Sobs at "Humiliating" TSA Patdown   Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:02 am

Woman Sobs at “Humiliating” TSA Pat Down

Distressed woman filmed receiving full body grope down, cameraman told “do not talk to her”

Steve Watson
July 26, 2011

A new video of a distressed woman receiving a full body pat-down after going through an AIT body scanner reminds Americans that they are the real targets of the TSA and the Department of Homeland Security’s crackdown at airports and other public places across the country.

The woman was filmed at Chicago O’Hare International Airport by a bystander who was initially concerned by the fact that the TSO attending to her was pregnant and in close proximity to the radiation emitting body scanners.

“While waiting for my now chronically delayed flight from ORD, I noticed a pregnant TSO working around the AIT.” the man explains on the flyertalk forum.

“The TSO was performing pat-downs, but was constantly moving near the machines. I found it concerning that (1) a pregnant woman would willingly expose herself to a radiation-laden work environment with no protection and (2) that her employers would allow her to do so. At the very least, couldn’t they assign her duties that don’t have her working right next to the machines.”

The bystander then noticed that the woman the TSO was patting down was visibly upset and attempted to reassure her by saying he was filming the incident and would happily provide a copy of the video.

Another agent then marched up to the man and demanded that he stop communicating with the woman receiving the grope down.

Apparently the TSA now believes it has the authority to prevent people in public places from talking to each other. It is surprising that the agent did not attempt to prevent the man from filming the incident as has so often been the case in other similar scenarios.

After the woman was finally able to collect her personal belongings and move through the security line, she exchanged details with the bystander, sobbing, “That was absolutely humiliating, why did they have to do that?”

Watch the video:

From M.o.1 -- CRIMINALS, I say! The TSA has to be stopped from being enabling the molestation of Americans!
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Woman Sobs at "Humiliating" TSA Patdown
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