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 New Mainstream Movie Promoting Transhumanism: "In Time" Trailer

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Minority of One
Minority of One

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PostSubject: New Mainstream Movie Promoting Transhumanism: "In Time" Trailer   Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:06 pm

From M.o.1 -- They are preparing humanity for this. The globalist have been talking about this and funding the research in order to do this. On the surface, it sounds wonderful but in actuality....they are going to create a society much like the one shown here in that trailer, in which humanity will need to earn their lives. Worst part is that most of the papers don't even speak of having people "earn" their lives but rather just killing everyone! You will have a choice of joining the Ray Kurzwell inspired "transhumanist" society, which is pretty much a Borg Hive mind, or you die....plain and simple.

It's alarming to see this popping up more and more. What you are looking at is the battle for the human soul and the human psyche.
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New Mainstream Movie Promoting Transhumanism: "In Time" Trailer
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