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 "Find My Car App" For Mall Zombies Also Handy For Big Brother

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PostSubject: "Find My Car App" For Mall Zombies Also Handy For Big Brother   Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:22 pm

‘Find My Car App’ for Mall Zombies Also Handy for Police

<p>Ben Grubb
The Sydney Morning Herald
September 11, 2011

Westfield’s new app means you’ll never lose your car in the shopping centre again – and police now have at their fingertips technology to track down stolen and unregistered vehicles.

Westfield Bondi Junction in Sydney recently added to its iPhone app the functionality for shoppers to find their parked car by entering its license plate number.

The idea behind it is that if a shopper forgets where they parked then they can find their car using the app, which also lets users find out the opening hours of each retailer, see special offers and search for a store’s location in the shopping centre.

But Westfield said police could also use it to find stolen or unregistered vehicles. In a statement, NSW Police said it worked closely with security at Westfield Bondi Junction and utilised their technology “when required”.

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From M.o.1 -- The interesting thing for me is that this control system that has been put in place IS NOT being forced on humanity.....they are willfully going along and, in some cases, begging for it. Here's something so many people don't really consider....if you can track yourself from your cell phone, the government can track you too! All of it whether it be GPS, "check in" apps and all of that stuff opens you up to government tracking. Here is the important thing though....EVERYTHING is tracked now! The internet, Facebook, your email....all of it is tracked!

Sometimes, you have to go into the Matrix in order to defeat it.....that is where we need to operate. However, please don't just accept and ask for things that beg for you to be tracked just because it makes your life easier. People have become far too reliant on machines and technology to do things for them. Dependency breeds slaverly
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"Find My Car App" For Mall Zombies Also Handy For Big Brother
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