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 CIA's Facebook Knows Where You Go On The Web

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Minority of One

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PostSubject: CIA's Facebook Knows Where You Go On The Web   Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:19 pm

CIA’s Facebook Knows Where You Go On the Web

Kurt Nimmo
February 25, 2011

Remember when Mark Zuckerberg said you need to get over the fact that there is no privacy on the internet?

He meant it.

Many of you have likely viewed the video below. It documents Facebook’s connection to the CIA.

Many people, however, think the fun of posting on and the interaction of Facebook overshadows the downside, or they merely ignore the negative aspects.

Well, it turns out it is worse than we previously thought.

Hacker and writer Nik Cubrilovic has a post on his blog today revealing some really scary and downright police state Stasi-like aspects of the popular “service” that doubles as a data-mining operation for the CIA.

Cubrilovic writes that Facebook keeps track of every website destination you visit, even if YOU ARE LOGGED OUT OF FACEBOOK. It does this through the cookies it routinely plants on your computer.

This is somewhat of an overstatement. In fact, Facebook is only able to do this on pages that have its “Like” button on it, which is to say a lot of webpages, although hardly all.

The only solution to this is to delete Facebook’s cookies after every session, or use a separate browser for Facebook usage.

Cubrilovic explains: “With my browser logged out of Facebook, whenever I visit any page with a Facebook like button, or share button, or any other widget, the information, including my account ID, is still being sent to Facebook. The only solution to Facebook not knowing who you are is to delete all Facebook cookies… It is all hidden in plain sight.”

Cubrilovic tried to email Facebook about his concerns on several occasions, but they ignored him.

For most people, this is probably not much of a concern, but for people who are political “radicals” – and anybody who holds political views outside those deemed acceptable by the establishment are indeed considered radicals – this is a serious issue.

Again, Facebook is connected to the CIA and the DIA. It is common knowledge, so much so it is now the subject of satire.

Facebook’s op compliments the NSA effort to “vaccum” up countless petabytes of personal data of citizens, described as “the largest database ever assembled in the world.” It is an integral part of what we call the “surveillance grid” here on

What about Google+, Facebook’s competition? Same thing. Google+ has something called “Web History,” billed as a service to “search across the full text of the pages you’ve visited, including Google searches, web pages, images, videos and news stories,” according to Google.

Google says you can disable this “feature,” but don’t believe them. Google, like Facebook, is in bed with the CIA. In fact, Google’s search technology is preferred by spook and snoop agencies, including the NSA.

If you want to minimize your exposure to the grid, it may be time to say good-bye to Facebook and Google+, especially if you are politically active.

Start by deactivating your Facebook and Google+ accounts and deleting their cookies on your computer.

From M.o.1 -- This is why "Minority ofOne" Facebook page is about to be taken down. The control that FB is pushing right now has become more Orwellian than ever least publically. As far as Facebook goes, it has really become dead as far as information goes. It has become a place for internet hype, disinformation and disconnection to be honest with you. I have been finding that the personal interaction with people is FAR MORE effective than the email and the FB post. While more can be reached through internet, we need to think more about quality over quantity.

We need to go back to personal interaction and the printed word.
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Minority of One

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PostSubject: Re: CIA's Facebook Knows Where You Go On The Web   Sun Sep 25, 2011 8:34 pm

With 'real-time' apps, Facebook is always watching

By John D. Sutter, CNN
updated 2:54 PM EST, Fri September 23, 2011

(CNN) -- A couple years ago, a Microsoft researcher named Gordon Bell embarked on a personal experiment: He would wear a video camera around his neck all the time and keep this "life recorder" always turned on, so it would record everything he did.

It was like an external memory drive for his brain, he wrote in a book called "Total Recall."

Sounds pretty sci-fi, right? Not so much. The "real-time sharing" updates Facebook announced Thursday aim to do something quite similar -- only for the Internet instead of in real life.

Before we get into the details and implications, here's a "real-time" example of how the updates, which are rolling out in the coming weeks, will work: As I write this, I'm listening to the band LCD Soundsystem on an Internet music service called Spotify. Because I've updated my Facebook page (here's a TechCrunch article on how to do that if you're interested) and because I've logged in to Spotify with my Facebook identity, every song I listen to is automatically shared to Facebook.

For entire article, read here:

From M.o.1 -- Here are some highlights from the article for those not wanting to read the entire 3 page article on how it's fun to be in the Orwellian Facebook system:

"Suddenly, my listening experience isn't private. It's public. All my Facebook friends are watching. And judging. Chances are this will affect people's behavior online. If you're a closet fan of Lady Gaga or Bjork or Enya (I'm all three), then you'll just have to stop listening to those potentially mockable artists -- either that, or all your Facebook friends will be chiming in with comments"

"In the old world of Facebook, I would have to click that I "liked" a song for it to show up on my Facebook profile page. That's something you have to think about: "OK, I really like this song, and I really want all of my friends to know that I'm listening to it right now." Now, sharing is both passive and automatic"

"And so it goes with all kinds of the new "real-time" apps. Since I've logged in to Yahoo! News with Facebook, every time I read an article on that site, it goes to my Timeline. The same is true for Hulu and TV shows. And for the Internet game "Words with Friends." When I play a Scrabble-style word in that game, it will show up on Facebook, along with an image of the current playing board."

"For Facebook, this is obviously a good thing. The site's goal -- as postulated in "Zuckerberg's Law" -- always has been to get people to share more and more information about themselves. That's bound to happen in this new auto-share era."

"If you were sick of hearing about what your aunt had for breakfast and who your co-workers had "friended" on Facebook, wait until you know every single song they've listened to and every single movie they've watched."

"With every one of these "passive" shares, users are teaching Facebook a little more about themselves. That's incredibly valuable to advertisers, who can use that data for target marketing."

They are telling people that it's an "app" that you get but their definition of an "app" is ANYTHING associated w/ Facebook whether it be a website with a "Like" button on it or you sharing a story. There are certain limits that I can tolerate but this has just become too much.
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CIA's Facebook Knows Where You Go On The Web
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