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 Establishment Media Describes Police Beating OWS Protesters As "Nudging"

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PostSubject: Establishment Media Describes Police Beating OWS Protesters As "Nudging"   Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:31 pm

Establishment Media Describes Police Beating OWS Protesters as “Nudging”

<p>Kurt Nimmo
November 10, 2011

The Associated Press describes police beating students at the University of California at Berkeley as “nudging.” The video below clearly shows cops beating students with batons.

Since the advent of small video cameras and now cell phones, the establishment has had a more difficult time spinning the brutal behavior of cops around the country. Thuggish behavior by cops is often posted to the internet minutes after they brutalize non-violent protesters.

Regardless of what you think of the Occupy movement, the video reveals that the students did not threaten police or were they violent. They attempted to set-up and encampment on campus and the police were ordered to stop them from doing it.

From M.o.1 -- This is why I have been telling people to beware of "official" police stories when it comes to these beatings. They will certainly tell the people that they did nothing wrong and it was just "gently persuading" the people to move. However, this translates into throwing flash bangs, shooting rubber bullets and smashing with police batons. These people need to remember that in the beginning stages of Nazi Germany the police and soldiers there were "just doing their jobs" but we see where that led them. Once they were finished doing all the dirty work, you had the "night of the long knives" which ended up eliminating many of the police
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Establishment Media Describes Police Beating OWS Protesters As "Nudging"
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