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 New Medal of Honor Game Lets You Play as Taliban....My Thoughts on the Dangers

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Minority of One

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PostSubject: New Medal of Honor Game Lets You Play as Taliban....My Thoughts on the Dangers   Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:22 pm

Click Here for Story --- First-person shooter video games have been developed by the military to aid in recruitment and encourage youth to enlist in armed services as well as local law enforcement. America’s Army is a free simulation depicting basic training at an Army boot camp. In the game, your virtual soldier is trained on grenade throwing, assault rifle fire, battlefield first aid and more. While America’s Army has little actual violence, it was developed with recruitment of first-person shooter fans in mind and thus far is on its third edition indicating the results have been on target

My thoughts on this subject is that everyone is so upset in regards to people being able to play the role of the "Taliban" because these are supposed to be the "bad guys". My thing is that the term of the "bad guys" is simply based on the point of view of the people being portrayed. It's kind of the old saying of "one man's freedom fighter is another man's terrorist". During the American Revolution, the freedom fighters of America were considered terrorist by the English.

They show a video of a soldier who was injured in combat that cannot walk again as a reasoning but how many innocent people in Afghanistan have been killed by these drone attacks or worse? I didn't hear anyone complaining about the last Call of Duty game where you were forced to shoot up an airport full of innocent women and children so you could "fit in" with the terrorist.

They go out and recruit top gamers, and this is on record, to become some of these guys that fly these drones because it virutally looks just like a video game. I played a Call of Duty game a while back and one scene was a drone flight and I can tell you that it looks just like a real drone mission that you see on Wikilinks. THIS is why the people piloting them have no concern for "pulling the trigger" because they have been de-sensitized to this from gaming. I personally see nothing wrong with gaming as long as people understand what they are playing.

Here is a prime example of how it "looks like a game":

A Drone Attack from the game:

A Real Drone Attack:

Is it anymore of a coincidence that the actual controller used for some of these things is modeled after the X-box controller or the classic joystick of the computer gaming world?

Doesn't this look like a gamer's heaven?

THIS is a Drone Controllers Station:

It is virtually the same. This is designed for a reason and it works like a charm. However, people can also use these things to their advantage by understanding the "weapons" used by the enemy to brainwash the masses. The key to breaking the control is to recognize it. Once this has happened, the control is broken or at least greatly weakened.

Yet people are shocked when some kid flips out and goes on a shooting spree. Sure this isn't going to be the case with everyone. I myself have been playing games like this since I was a kid and I haven't went out and blown people away. It all is gonna depend on the psyche of the person playing the game and the emotional situation they are suffering from at the moment. People under stress may react differently and do different things than those who aren't going through this.

It all depends on the person HOWEVER when kids are also being fed loads of anti-depressants and everyone so quick to throw out the old "ADHD" line to get kids on meds; this becomes a breeding ground for psychopaths. Many of these people may also have these latent feelings inside of them and end up joining the army so they may feed this "demon" lurking inside of them wishing to actually partake in the murder of people. With the game, they can literally "shut it off" and pulling the trigger becomes easier. I can honestly say that for me in situations I've been in.....this de-sensitizing has helped in such a situation as much as I hate to admit it. At the time, it was necessary but I honestly think that the games aided me here.

Click Here for Story --- Here is more info on the drugging of America especially the youth.

It is important for parents to educate their kids and understand what they are playing. I can't tell you how many times I've been in a game store and heard the cashier warn parents that the game is "Mature". The funny thing to me is that they will tell the parent that the game contains the charcter using drugs, blood, violence and theft and the parent will say "OK, that's fine" however as soon as the guy says "it has sexual references in it and cursing" the parent makes the kid put it back on the shelf and refuses to buy it.

Does anyone else see a problem here?

Are parents more concerned about their kids seeing a boob or hearing the word "Fuck" over having their child play a game in which they just shoot random people, steal police cars and beat prostitutes with baseball bats?

As a society, where are our priorities here people?

Minority of One
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PostSubject: Re: New Medal of Honor Game Lets You Play as Taliban....My Thoughts on the Dangers   Thu Aug 26, 2010 1:58 pm

This desensitization of American youth has always been the name of the GAME. I have found that Fantasy, be it in movies, books, drugs or whatever, acts as a numbing agent to the creative processes of the mind. It takes away real Imagination and swaps it for fantasy. For many kids, and some adults, this is a very bad thing because they can't tell the difference between the two or the time management of their use. Such as, when it is appropriate towards their greater good and when it is Not.

Now don't get me wrong, a little R&R is definitely a good thing for psychological balance and spiritual well being. I mean a game, a novel, a movie, even getting high, can be a good positive thing at times. (If I get in a car wreck, I want the best shit the doctor's got.) But it's when these things are done too much that people loose touch of reality.

These games are not meant nor designed to be a short evenings entertainment. They are designed to, over time, assimilate your very being into you becoming part of the game. They do this by playing on the parts of the psyche that is more pleasurable to the self. In other words, when life sucks it's a great temptation to wish you were somebody else.

You are so right about different people reacting differently to these games. It is comparable to different peoples reactions to alcohol or T.V. Have you ever over did it with an all day or night movie binge and then went somewhere in the real world and felt like you were part of a movie?

Altered state of consciousness IS altered state of consciousness and there are 10,000 ways of getting high. Be it food, sex, drugs, movies, games or whatever. It becomes very dangerous when one is high and doesn't know it. Like a kid getting drunk for the first time they know Not what they Do. Getting high is Not a bad thing for that High is pleasurable to the soul. However, Not all forms of getting high are good for you.

Just like with food, people, music or anything else that touches you in your soul be careful of the GAMES that you play. There are some that suffer from gaming addictions, just like some that suffer drugs, gambling, sex, food etc. etc.

I add this because I feel that the establishment uses these addictions to get what they want from American youth the same way a pimp uses addiction to keep whores in line. With some (not all, But some) if their innocence has been taken too soon by easy choices (like letting the T.V. to become the babysitter) their maturity becomes warped, twisted and dangerous. And then society tries to make soldiers out of 'em.

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New Medal of Honor Game Lets You Play as Taliban....My Thoughts on the Dangers
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