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 AR Drone: Your Own Personal Spy Drone Controlled From Your IPhone

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PostSubject: AR Drone: Your Own Personal Spy Drone Controlled From Your IPhone   Sun Sep 05, 2010 12:31 pm

I ran across this on the main page to Youtube where they are advertising it. It's being marketted as a "real life video game" but let's call it what it is......A PERSONAL SPY DRONE!

The "remote" for this drone is your IPhone.

What you are looking at is a drone that has the ability to spy on people AT ANY POINT which means it could peek in through your window, watch you in your backyard or even follow you around monitoring your actions.

How could no one not see this as a HUGE issue? This thing is equipt with several cameras, WiFi as well as other wonderful "spying" technologies attached to it. If you notice on their website, which is here:

Click Here ---AR Drone Website

you will see that they already have links set up to Facebook and Twitter so they can already start monitoring everything in that large date mining operation. With Facebook recently launching their "Facebook Places" where they can track you in real time. Now they may even have the ability to monitor everyone with live video using these drones. You can bet that if these things are available for the public that these things are already in use for the government.

Again with everything else for public consumption and to get their minds wrapped around the idea of "gotta have it".....they make it look nice and "counterculteral" or trendy:

Just more of the eroding of privacy in this world!
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AR Drone: Your Own Personal Spy Drone Controlled From Your IPhone
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