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 PROMIS Software: What You Need to Know

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PostSubject: PROMIS Software: What You Need to Know   Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:24 pm

This case is connected to the death of Danny Casolaro along with several other deaths. I believe this was the first bringing in of the soon to be "microchipped society" that they are planning. All of this connects.

Here is some info to know:

Inslaw, Inc. is a small, Washington, D.C.-based, information technology company. In the mid-1970s, Inslaw developed for the United States Department of Justice a highly efficient, people-tracking, software program known as: Prosecutor's Management Information System (Promis).

Click Here -- Information on Inslaw

Click Here -- Information on PROMIS Software

Information on people who were looking to expose this case only to be murdered:

Information on the "suicide" of Danny Casolaro.....he was murdered!

Here is information on an officer who was scared for his life while investigating the case:

Maybe here we start seeing how all of this can relate when you see the "people tracking" devices used today with them wanting the microchipped populations. Maybe it goes EVEN DEEPER than that with the use of the electronic voting machines. With this system, votes could be stolen and any computer hacked.

This software is the very system that was used to set up the grid of control that we are currently in and currently being attained. Here is some info on voting machine hacking:

You can also check this book out:

Keep checking in cause I'm gonna be posting more on this story as I pick it up
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PROMIS Software: What You Need to Know
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