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 Received An Email From A Soldier In Iraq

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PostSubject: Received An Email From A Soldier In Iraq   Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:59 pm

I just received this forwarded email from a soldier who is in Iraq currently and he breaks down the lies and propaganda being put out by the media and our "wonderful" president.

Here is a copy of the email......I've removed his name from the email for his protection:
Hey guys, thought you may like
>to read this email from (censored name for their protection)who is serving in Iraq .
>Hey everybody I just wanted to send a quick update and give Yall the REAL story
>on what's going on over here with the troop withdrawal. The picture is of my
>crew and I on a break during a mission. The guy to the far left is my gunner
>and the guy in the middle is my driver. They go with me on every mission
>and are great guys.

The reason I'm sending this out
>is because I have had a few people ask if I left Iraq early because all of the combat
>troops are out of Iraq and I wanted to let everyone know the real deal. It's
>kind of ridiculous how the news is saying that the last of the "combat"
>troops are out of Iraq because of Pres Osama ( I mean Obama ).

>He says that it was his campaign promise. Take our Brigade for example. We were
>originally called a HBCT ( Heavy Brigade Combat Team). Well since Obama said he
>would pull all of the "combat" troops out by Aug all they did before we
>left was change our name from a HBCT to a AAB ( Advise and Assist Brigade ). We
>have the same personnel/equipment layout as before and are doing the same missions.
>The ONLY difference is that they changed our name from a HBCT to an AAB and that's
>how he is getting away with saying that he has pulled all of the "combat"
>troops out.

It is really ridiculous what he's
>doing and he has ticked alot of people off. And it's funny how the media is
>buying all of it to. So no, the last combat troops are not out of Iraq we are still

There are other Brigades just
>like ours that are doing the same missions that are still over here.

Sorry for going on about it but
>we are just sitting over here watching it and are like "You've got to be
>kidding me!"

So anyway now you know the REAL
>story so that's why I'm not coming back early.


As you can see, they didn't actually pull out the combat troops but just changed their names! This is unbelievable......well, I believe it but the fact that they can get away with this nonsense is just beyond me!

This should be a pretty clear sign of media manipulation and we can just add this to the list of lies Barack Obama has fed the American people. The real shame is that the American people just KEEP BUYING his lies! It's easy to be mad at him for lying to the American people however my question is why do people keep buying what he's selling?

Click Here for Story About US Troops Protecting Poppy Fields ---That’s the order from the Obama Administration to the 4,000 Marines presently engaged in Operation Khanjar or “Strike of the Sword,” an invasion of the Taliban infested Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan

So our troops are dying over their for what? Fighting for our freedom? NO....they are over there protecting the Afghan DRUG TRADE! How can this be?

This is why invading Afghanistan was so important........well, that and the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline. Don't know what this is about? This is the reason for the original invasion by the Russians into Afghanistan and why the United States was there aiding, training and helping the Afghan rebels.

Click Here --- Information on the Trans-Afghanistan Pipeline

Look at this picture above and now ask yourself where are the primary places that the United States are stationed in the Middle East right now? I see Afghanistan, Pakistan and right to the side you'll notice Iran sitting there. Now, who are the people that are being demonized right now in the United States media? As it stands, as you can see in the picture, one pipeline rolls through Afghanistan and through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea. The other pipeline breaks off and rolls through the middle of Afghanistan and through the middle of Pakistan to India.

What should even raise more eyebrows is this pic:

Follow the money, my friends and then look at the places these pipelines are running through and you'll see something in common.....we all seem to have a problem with them.


Follow the money and you'll see what these conflicts are all about.

What is disgusting about this is that once you see the truth behind these conflicts and find out that it's not about terrorists but about money(whether it be drugs or oil); it angers me to no extent that troops and innocent people are dying just to fatten the pockets of corperate fat cats.

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Received An Email From A Soldier In Iraq
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