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 Die Less Often

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PostSubject: Die Less Often   Mon Sep 13, 2010 5:05 pm

This is a trailer from the Dog Brothers "Die Less Often" series. It's a video showing real knife attacks with realistic response. The name was certainly chosen for a reason. When it comes to defending against blades, nothing is 100% and your only hope when training is to get better and better so that your chances of survival rise......meaning you "Die Less Often" during the process.

No 100% in anything when it comes to blades!

This video actually shows the interface of getting to your handgun while being attacked by a blade weilding attacker. I stand by my saying that, at close range, knives are much more dangerous than guns because of their unpredictability and angles. I always hear from people that the best knife defense is to own a gun however this is ignorance and lack of understanding. The gun is only dangerous if it is loaded, round in the chamber, trigger pulled, without misfire, pointed at your target and most importantly......if you can get it out of your holster. If you ever see these videos, at 21 feet....forget about getting that gun out and fired without getting cut to pieces. Seeing that most attacks happen at close range, your chances just got less and less.

Anyone wants to learn some of the "Dog Catcher" material...come see me cheers
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Die Less Often
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