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 The Anti-globalization Movement Is Funded By The Corporate Elites

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PostSubject: The Anti-globalization Movement Is Funded By The Corporate Elites   Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:36 am

Click Here --- "Manufacturing consent" implies manipulating and shaping public opinion. It establishes conformity and acceptance to authority and social hierarchy. It seeks compliance to an established social order. "Manufacturing consent" describes the submission of public opinion to the mainstream media narrative, to its lies and fabrications.

This sort of thing has manifested in other ways as well with the governmental agencies manufacturing their own dissenters. What these people do is get into position of power and influence but just to keep one side in check. If you notice most of these people, there goal is to keep the system working meaning that people get up everyday, go to work, vote when the time is right and constantly believe that things will change from a political standpoint. As long as people do these things, the machine runs smoothly. They know that by keeping people in this box......they can stay in control.

What happens is that people get pissed off and want to break away so the intelligent controller creates his own opposition so the people do not start thinking for themselves but rather establish a new voice through one of their operatives. From this, it matters not as to if people are pissed just as long as they stay in the "system".

One such operation was a CIA organized group called "Operation Mockingbird":

Click Here --- Information about Operation Mockingbird

Can you think of anyone that may fit this description?

These are just a few at the top of the list. I would venture to say that most of the people involved with the Tea Party would fall in this category since it was co-opted not long ago. I know that some people say that Alex Jones and others may fall into this category as well however, my judgements on an individuals sense of loyalty goes back to their history. With AJ, he really hasn't changed much throughout his career as far as who is backs and who he does not. He certainly isn't infalliable and it is not wise to hang on his every word however I do believe that he does have the wool pulled over his eyes on certain issues such as the Tea Party. He keeps getting shit on by these supposed "patriots" flip flopping but just doesn't see that it's all rigged.

I think he's an idealist who wants to believe in that "American Dream" however at the's only a dream unfortunately.

With Palin and Beck, there is a HUGE difference between them and guys like Jones. Both of these people, along with most of the supposed "patriots" in the Tea Party, didn't give two shits about politics until Obama became president. Before that, you had the old puppet Boy Bush in there doing THE SAME SHIT yet no one ever spoke up. Beck was singing the praises of Bush as was the entire FOX News network yet now FOX has become this new "anti government network" or something. In truth, they are playing the role.

Unlike most people, my memory is pretty good and I remember that while Bush was in office FOX News LOVED the government even though the same things were going on. Back then, it was CNN who was the "anti government" station which had shows on downgrading Big Gov. Now that Obama is in office, CNN and FOX have switched roles.

It's the classic "pro wrestling" angle where you have a heel and a face.

FOX news was even reported as getting their news stories directly from the White House a while back! How is this any different now than before?

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The Anti-globalization Movement Is Funded By The Corporate Elites
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