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 Planet Slayer.......Hardcore Propaganda For Your Children!

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PostSubject: Planet Slayer.......Hardcore Propaganda For Your Children!   Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:36 pm

This is a nice little game designed for your small children which tells them, according to how much of a carbon footprint they leave, exactly what is the best age they should die at.

This is HARDCORE climate change propaganda for children!

Something like this should really exemplify exactly the mentality behind the "save the earth" movement that is out right now! I am very much behind the idea that we should take care of our planet but these people are proposing an irrational ideal that will do nothing to heal this planet but rather cause more issues that before! Their idea is that you can pollute as much as you wish just as long as you provide the appropriate tax money during the process.....this isn't changing anything!

This is where the global eugenics scam comes into play!

When do you need to die in order to save this planet? I can't believe they are teaching this shit to kids and that should speak mounds of information to anyone paying attention. They are telling your kids that they should die for this planet.......forget actually making a legit difference to help the planet but rather just kill yourself.

Check this thing out:

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Planet Slayer.......Hardcore Propaganda For Your Children!
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