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 Feds Deploy Mobile X-Ray Fleet To Radiate Scan Americans

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PostSubject: Feds Deploy Mobile X-Ray Fleet To Radiate Scan Americans   Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:09 am

Click Here --- The encroaching Big Brother nightmare has escalated even further with a recent announcement that the U.S. government has purchased mobile X-ray vans to scan people and vehicles at sporting events, road stops and even at random

---I listened to a radiologist the other day talking about the massive amounts of radiation that people will be bathed in with these particular devices. As someone who use to work at a nuclear plant, I can tell you that ANYONE working around radiation is supposed to be under "ALARA" which stands for "As Low As Reasonably Achieved". You are given a badge that records the amount of radiation you are around on a daily basis. You are given an acceptable number and if that number even reaches a higher amount of your "yearly dose"; you are removed for the rest of the year.

Working next to huge nuclear reactors which are already well protected and insulated, we STILL had to be decked out in protective gear head to toe while we were there. When we left, we were responsible for going through meters before leaving in order to be sure that no residual radiation was attached.

They also told us that with our badges, we had to monitor all radiation that we took in. If we had ONE SINGLE X-RAY done that year, it would pretty much boost our ALARA for the year. Understand that people who have X-rays are also protected while receiving that X-ray. Now take into account that these things will be bathing you in radiation AS THEY DRIVE BY YOUR HOUSE or your car! There will be no way to monitor your daily dose of radiation not to mention that it will be completely unprotected!
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Feds Deploy Mobile X-Ray Fleet To Radiate Scan Americans
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