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 The number 23 enigma

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PostSubject: The number 23 enigma   Fri Oct 08, 2010 10:23 am

I'm posting this video here under mind control, Not because I'm completely sold on this #23 business, however, I can see a definite connection to this number as a weakness or influence upon the human conscious mind through the use of Numerology.

In hypnosis there are many differing ways to influence the mind. From a moving object, to flashing lights, to music (subliminal messages are very real). Even driving your car, if you are not careful, you can hypnotize yourself by the broken white lines on the highway. Shoot even the T.V. and Radio can be used for Hypnosis, and they are by the propaganda machines in our society.

Metaphysically speaking there is no such thing as accidents or coincidence, for all things have a purpose, a reason for coming into being exactly as they mean to, within the greater scheme of life. A.K.A. God/dess's plan.

Magick is the Art of taking energies around you and making them into what better serves you, rather then leaving them in their less productive but natural states. This is Not a sin to do (although others may have you believe it is) and is Done by all everyday. Just like making spaghetti or music or even love. Anything we touch and change to better serve our needs is magick.

Numerology Is another form of magickal energy and is used as a tool in magick. It is as real as the powers that the Sun and Stars have in and upon our lives. Although I am Not sure How or Why, I know this Number has a large influence on powerful change per the knowledge brought forth in this video.

But just as combinations of differing things come together to produce an outcome. I know that there is a numeric or mathematical order to all life. I mean you have Noise and then you have music. Their differences being their timing or numeric placement in the scheme of noise to produce a line of music. Yet all of life is like this.

Watch for yourself. Would love to hear what you think. Bless Be!