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 Military Wants To Scan Communications To Find Threats

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PostSubject: Military Wants To Scan Communications To Find Threats   Wed Oct 27, 2010 8:06 pm

Click Here for Story --- The Pentagon wants computers to see into the future and stop crimes before they happen. Now a Pentagon research arm is asking scientists to create a way to scan billions of e-mails to identify suspects in advance so that crimes can be stopped before they are committed.

What we're looking at here is the implementation of a global grid of control designed to monitor everyone at all times all in the name of "protecting" everyone. The fact that the event they are using as the catalyst, the Fort Hood shooting, was a staged event even opens up more doors. When you realize that the Fort Hood suspect was communicating with Al Awlaqi , who is a CIA front man and who dined at the Pentagon not long after 9/11, one really starts to understand exactly what is going on here.

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Military Wants To Scan Communications To Find Threats
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