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 US Veteran Who Killed Unarmed Iraqis Wins Tea Party Support

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PostSubject: US Veteran Who Killed Unarmed Iraqis Wins Tea Party Support   Wed Oct 27, 2010 9:16 pm

Click Here --- The basic facts are undisputed: on 15 April 2004 Ilario Pantano, then a second lieutenant with the US marines, stopped and detained two Iraqi men in a car near Falluja. The Iraqis were unarmed and the car found to be empty of weapons. Pantano ordered the two men to search the car for a second time and then, with no other US soldiers in view, unloaded a magazine of his M16A4 automatic rifle into them, before reloading and blasting a second magazine at them – some 60 rounds in total. Over the corpses, he left a placard inscribed with the marine motto: "No better friend, No worse enemy"

This has been my issue with the Tea Party for a while now. Where were they when Bush was in office doing the horrific things his regime was doing? Where were they when Clinton was in office doing the horrific things he was doing? What about Bush Sr or Reagan who was actually a puppet for Bush...where were they then?

Most of these Tea Party guys are just war loving, Republicans trying to wrap themselves in the Constitution banner to fit the turning tide of the people. Everyone will vote in these Tea Party candidates only to see that they will turn out just as the rest...that is why I hope that every single one of them wins! Maybe at some point, people will learn a lesson or two from this.
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US Veteran Who Killed Unarmed Iraqis Wins Tea Party Support
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