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 What Is A Sheeple?

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PostSubject: What Is A Sheeple?   Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:09 pm

---This is an old blog that I wrote a long time ago on my Myspace page that I thought I would repost here. A few other thoughts that I have added over the years is my concept of the "sheeple". Lot of people throw out that "wake up sheeple" line however most don't realize that most of the "awakened" actually are still very much sleeping......they are in all actuality sleepwalking. These are people who do understand that something is wrong yet rather than work through the issues for themselves, they are looking for a new "big daddy" figure to tell them the direction to go. However, what they have failed to realize is that this is merely an evolved "sheeple" mindset.

My favorite quote which I came up with to describe this scenario is "If a sheep changes his shepherd, does that make him any less of a sheep?"



What is a Sheeple?

I have been looking at things from a different view lately. A different avenue of thinking as opened itself to me lately and I feel the need to express it in written form. My reasons are not only for me but for all of you who may be reading this now. I hope that through my words maybe it may open an avenue of thinking for you as well.

What is a sheeple? This term was coined not long ago as someone who blindly follows the person in front of them much as a sheep follows the shepherd blindly. This term has also been used to describe those who refuses to see the control that is around them. Both have their roots in truth but I want to bring something to people's attention regarding an irony here.

By people in the so called "truth movement", these people would be termed as "sheeple":

Just look at these poor idiots! Sitting there with their sign, hoping for change and backing this guy just because he's saying all the things they want to hear. Hahaha, just like a politician and they buy into the lie. I hear this all the time from members of the "truth movement" but wait a the people above remind you of these people here?

They are sitting here with their signs believing that their votes will count, hoping for some kind of change in our current government and their main interest is that they like all the things he is saying. These two are mirror images of each other. I hear people screaming at others to "WAKE UP" yet they themselves are not truly awake to their own actions. You have the sheeple following their shepherd Obama but then you have others who don't like that shepherd and choose to have a new shepherd named Ron Paul. There is no freedom involved, just a change in shepherds. Where is the freedom there? Why do people beg to be ruled and led around by an authority figure? Why do they need that "big daddy" figure to hide behind? All of these issues are buried deep inside the psyche of each person and they have to understand this in order to attain that freedom.

I ask the question many times whether people wish to be free or if they wish to just have a new leader? There is a difference between the two and until we realize this; nothing can ever change and true freedom will never be recognized. You see things like this:

Take the power back? What kind of double speak is this? What this thing is really saying is "give the power to me". We have to understand that it's not about "taking power back" because the people have always had the power all along. We have been conditioned to believe that we have no power thus we have to depend on another to "take it back". The problem is giving the power away to begin with. One thing you can bank on is that as long as we choose to be led BLINDLY by anyone; the power will always be given away.

This is important to understand for anyone who desires freedom. Do not think you are one thing while outwardly projecting the image of that which you hate the most. Remember that each and every single one of us has the power and to never give it away to ANYONE OR ANYTHING!

The main thing to remember that just because someone may appear to have your best interest in mind; if they wish to be your leader, they are still in the Matrix

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What Is A Sheeple?
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