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 Bill Gates Approval of GM Mosquitos To Combat Dengue Fever

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PostSubject: Bill Gates Approval of GM Mosquitos To Combat Dengue Fever   Thu Nov 04, 2010 8:04 pm

Click Here --- The UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs announced plans to combat Dengue fever and other mosquito-borne illnesses with genetically modified mosquitoes designed to make them sterile or simply kill them off, as reported on the U.N

---Reading about the genetic altering of animals and other species reminds me of the stories out of Sumeria about how alien beings genetically altered human beings in order to create better workers. They did this along with other creatures that they worked on genetically altering. It was even said by some that Atlantis did this sort of work as well and are even responsible for the creation of the pig through GM of the human being. Afterall, they do say the closest meat to human is pork. The other interesting thing is that when you look at the stories of Sumeria and with Atlantis...destruction always follows!

The other thing that I am reminded of is how they are talking about GMOing the mosquitos to get rid of them which on the surface sounds like a good thing. However, I am reminded of the Butterfly Effect where changing even the smallest detail if you were to go back in time could lead to immense changes in our world. For me, I would say "yes" to the eradication of mosquitos however what kind of effect could this have on the planet in the long run?

What if something happens and these mosquitos start carrying some GMO disease? We are stuck with flying vaccines of death carrying God knows what just waiting for the perfect person to inject. I am of the mentality that nature was created perfectly and should never be tampered with but that's just me.
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Bill Gates Approval of GM Mosquitos To Combat Dengue Fever
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