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 TSA Molests Women and Children...Lesson in Slavery

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PostSubject: TSA Molests Women and Children...Lesson in Slavery   Fri Nov 05, 2010 9:56 am

By watching videos like this and seeing that people are so willing to give away their rights and be humiliated, it really shows the exact level of docility and control this system has over humanity. We have fallen so far from our original forefathers who had the guts to stand up and fight back. These days, Americans have become nothing more than domesticated pets and are being treated as such. The only difference is that they have given us golden chains and our prisons are made of clear glass in which we cannot see the bars that contain us.

As I've said before, the first control of any prisoner is to establish dominance throught stripping away their clothing.....people, we are prisoners in our own country!
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TSA Molests Women and Children...Lesson in Slavery
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