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 NYPD Commences Using Iris Scans Of Suspects

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PostSubject: NYPD Commences Using Iris Scans Of Suspects   Tue Nov 16, 2010 7:46 pm

Click Here --- Along with fingerprints and mug shots, the New York City Police Department is now taking photographs of the irises of crime suspects. The NYPD says the images will be used to help avoid cases of mistaken identity. The process takes about five seconds. Every suspect will be scanned again using a handheld device shortly before they are arraigned to make sure the irises match. Police say the software, handheld device and cameras cost about $23,800 each, and 21 systems will be used around the city.

----This is simply beta testing as these are said to be in the works to be used in all states. I'm sure this information won't end up at any of those threat fusion centers, huh?
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NYPD Commences Using Iris Scans Of Suspects
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