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 Wikileaks Spokesman "Stop Us? You'll Have To Shut Down The Internet"

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PostSubject: Wikileaks Spokesman "Stop Us? You'll Have To Shut Down The Internet"   Thu Dec 09, 2010 10:42 am

Click Here --- It is not derailing us in any way," said Hrafnsson, adding that a group of five to six people is running Wikileaks' operations in Assange's absence. "This is a turning tide and starting a trend that you can't really stop unless you want to shut down the Internet."

---People need to realize that this is all a game that they are are using "useful idiots" as the pawns to do their dirty work. Lots of people, EVEN IN THIS MOVEMENT, are viewing these people as "heroes" but they fail to see the big picture on many fronts:

* This is all the ammo they need right now to enforce and pass the Cyber Security Bill. Thus far, the public has a big issue with this bill as they don't want to lose their free internet however with all of these attacks on Mastercard(such as the posting of account numbers yesterday), Visa, Amazon and PayPal.....the people will be BEGGING for this bill to pass in order to keep them safe from these "cyberterrorist".

* REAL revolutionaries don't attack the people......they attack the true enemy! In all of the cases thus far, these hackers have been attacking things that don't benefit the people but rather can cause serious harm to their personal life such as identity theft.

* While they can pass whatever bills they choose, they need public opinion in order to get the real Draconian bills to pass. They couldn't just pass the tyrannical bill like the Patriot Act without public opinion therefore they staged 9/11 as the evidence shows. Now, this issue with Assange is equal to a "9/11 style" event for the the time they are finished, the public will be begging for this bill to be passed. This is the game they play...Problem-Reaction-Solution

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Wikileaks Spokesman "Stop Us? You'll Have To Shut Down The Internet"
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