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 GOP Objections Threaten Whistleblower Rights Bill

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PostSubject: GOP Objections Threaten Whistleblower Rights Bill   Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:33 pm

GOP Objections Threaten Whistleblower Rights Bill

WASHINGTON – House Democrats scrambled on Tuesday to salvage legislation that would bar federal agencies from punishing employees who report corruption, waste and mismanagement after Republicans linked the bill to the WikiLeaks scandal.

In hopes of securing needed GOP support, Democrats offered to strip from the bill provisions that extend whistle-blower protections to workers at U.S. intelligence agencies — seen as a major concession by backers of the bill. Even though its supporters say the legislation makes classified disclosures through WikiLeaks or other outlets illegal, Republicans had complained it still might encourage leaks by employees in the most sensitive government jobs.

From M.o.1 --- Once again, we are seeing the backlash from Wikileaks. I still believe to this day that this incident is the "9/11 event" of the Internet world. Even if it is not, it certainly is being played off that way by the mainstream and the government themselves.
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GOP Objections Threaten Whistleblower Rights Bill
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