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 Police State Tightens Fist: TSA Shuts Door On Opt-Out Option

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PostSubject: Police State Tightens Fist: TSA Shuts Door On Opt-Out Option   Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:06 pm

TSA shuts door on private airport screening program

DATELINE ZERO - Anytime a government program is put into place to make you do something, promises of being able to opt-out should be met with cynicism. Opt-out programs are offered to disarm critics.

Governments, as a rule, are not institutions that do well when people have choices. (Choices are for the private sector.) Therefor, the government is never sincere about offering choices to members of the private class.

The TSA is no exception when it comes to options to opt-out.
I remember hearing about one airport in Florida — Orlando Sanford International Airport — that openly stated that they may opt-out of the government’s TSA program. They also said that the process to get approval for the opt-out, and to have a private security firm in place, is about 12 months. I wonder if the request will be denied now.

The opt-out thing seemed to have worked fairly well at easing the worries of airports. Now that the TSA crap isn’t in the news any more, the Federal Government is quietly removing that option.
In short: the Federal State has the private class by the balls.

Continue reading, from the full post at DATELINE ZERO.

From M.o.1 --- As we see, the "option" is being removed. How often do we see this in our daily lives? We see on things like Facebook where they give you the option of getting the new profile only to force it on your months later. The same thing happened on first it was an option to connect with a Google account yet now it is mandatory and for what? It's not about "security" or anything like that but rather about tracking as that is what Google is used for. It has been on the record that Google was launched as a "free" tool to data mine people's searches in order to get a profile on them thus predicting their actions. The same can be said for Facebook as it has come out how the CIA and the NSA use it as a monitoring tool.

Facebook Founder Calls Users "Dumb Fucks" For Giving Personal Information:

NSA and CIA Monitors You Through Facebook and Google:

Google, CIA Invest In "Future" Web Monitoring:
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Police State Tightens Fist: TSA Shuts Door On Opt-Out Option
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