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 Firearms Training -- Taking Corners

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PostSubject: Firearms Training -- Taking Corners   Sun Mar 13, 2011 12:49 pm

One thing that I see in this video that is a HUGE mistake is the positioning of the elbow when taking these corners. If you notice, their elbows are high when they are making these corners and I've always been taught that is a big "no no" when rounding corners. This will give anyone who is waiting a "body image" of where you are in relation to your elbow. I'm sure they are looking at it from a dynamic standpoint here however my training in dynamic entries still adheres to this principle.

With elbow up, there is a fraction of a second where the perp will see that elbow and fire....we've tested this in the past with force on force to prove it's validity. When shots start going off, you want to be the first one shooting and to be moving. Stationary targets are shot...moving targets have better chances of living.

Nothing comes around the corner individually....the entire body makes it's appearance with firearm. The other huge mistake is having the barrel round the corner first....HUGE MISTAKE!

This particular video is much better and demonstrates the "slicing the pie" corner taking method:

From the videos that I have seen on demonstrating room entries and corner taking over the years, Gabe Suarez gets my seal of approval. Good stuff, explained very well, demonstrated wonderfully with variables and just all around good knowledge in the field of firearms tactics for the everyman. His film entitled "The Tactical Advantage" is highly recommended:

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Firearms Training -- Taking Corners
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