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 SC Police Officers Fighting Crime From The Sky

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PostSubject: SC Police Officers Fighting Crime From The Sky   Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:21 pm

Officers fighting crime from the sky

By Stephen Hooker - email

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Law enforcement is getting some help in the fight against crime, and its coming from the air.Ever dream of making your hobby your job? Richland County Sheriff's Deputy Marcus Kim did and has. "Yeah, it's pretty cool!" he exclaimed.

That hobby involves building and flying remote control helicopters to fight crime. "I've been doing this hobby pretty much all my life, and coming to the Sheriff's Department - something I've always wanted to do - tying these two together," said Deputy Kim, "Can't really beat it."

The remote control helicopter has $2,800 worth of bits, pieces, wires, batteries, and cameras. It's also the coolest surveillance tool in law enforcement. But it's not just one chopper. The Columbia Police Department ponied up too. "These helicopters are for surveillance only and the capture of suspects," said Columbia Police Chief Randy Scott.

Officers showed a demo of the chase of a suspect with the help of the choppers. The bad guy slipped out the back, but the chopper's cameras spotted him. Officers knew where he was and captured him. The main feature is that no one's in danger. In fact, "We'll be able to do surveillance and not put an officer's life in jeopardy," said Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott.

"You can't ask for more," said Deputy Kim

Source --

From M.o.1 -- Well, well, my own home state. It seems that it's become common place for police to start throwing up drones into the skies. As we are seeing, the police state is in full swing yet everyone is just watching it happen as if it's become some sort of movie. People....they HAVE PUT DRONES IN THE AIR!!! What is next? How much more can the American people take? How much more can the resistance allow? It costs them nothing to fly these things around and they can be deployed from anywhere. This is how far we have much more is left? I've always said that when they put drones into the air.....the game becomes EXTREMELY dangerous and much harder to win.

Before, it was ground forces vs ground forces but now the police state has aquired an Air Force. As someone who use to fly model airplanes and the like....these things could easily be outfitted with projectiles and firearms with a small bit of enginuity.
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SC Police Officers Fighting Crime From The Sky
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