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 Now Available: Scannable Bar Codes On Your Skin

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PostSubject: Now Available: Scannable Bar Codes On Your Skin   Thu Mar 31, 2011 8:38 pm

Now available: Scannable bar codes on your skin

PHOENIX -- A Phoenix tattoo artist is offering a new kind of tattoo that's raising some eyebrows.
At the Jade Monkey Tattoo in Phoenix, artist Levi Smith offers a tattoo that contains computer generated "QR" or quick response code, similar to a bar code.

"It's a basic kind of marketing bar code that you can scan with an app on your smart phone," Smith said, adding it can contain personal information like your name, medical history and other things.
"You can have it linked to a site on line, an image like some simple text. There's also some dynamic `qr' codes, I guess, that are coming out where the link destination can actually change online and then you can even put up contact information and stuff that can be uploaded to a smart phone."

Smith said some people have criticized the tattoos, comparing them with something in the Bible.
"I've had some friends jokingly call me the anti-Christ for wanting to do this -- meaning that it could be some kind of `mark of the beast' where you could use it to purchase things or be required to have one."

Smith said, however, the idea is not that complicated.

"You'd use it like an android or an iPhone or something and you'd use an app that's a bar code scanner essentially -- that can scan a variety of different bar codes. You just scan it like taking a picture and it links right up to the information instantly."

Three people have paid the $80 price to get the tattoos so far.

From M.o.1 -- This is a nice account of idiots doing something that they feel makes them "original" but in actuality just puts them into the demographic of useful idiots within the global system. Ironically enough, our society is day by day becoming that of the society in the movie "Idiocracy" even with this new "barcode" tattoo craze.
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Now Available: Scannable Bar Codes On Your Skin
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