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 San Francisco Considers Requiring ID Scans For Most Public Events

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PostSubject: San Francisco Considers Requiring ID Scans For Most Public Events   Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:03 pm

San Francisco considers requiring ID scans for most public events

Stephen C. Webster
Raw Story
April 12, 2011

The San Francisco Entertainment Commission was scheduled Tuesday to consider a proposal that would mandate ID scans for every person entering a “place of entertainment” attended by more than 100 people — a move that immediately sparked the fears of civil libertarians, who saw it as yet another encroachment of a creeping “police state” culture.

The commission said it would take up the proposal at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening, at their typical meeting place in San Francisco’s City Hall.

The proposal before members would also mandate that cameras be placed in event halls where they can be clearly seen by attendees. The systems would also need to be freely accessible to local, state and federal law enforcement on demand.

The rules make no mention of safeguards to protect the privacy of event patrons. They would instead require that scanned IDs and video footage from the venues shall be kept for “no less than 15 days” — meaning, they would be able to keep the information forever.

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From M.o.1 -- It's interesting how the movies of old have become the reality of today. I watch older movies that I grew up watching today and see so much of what I see in my daily life actually in them. Movies like "Escape from LA", "Idiocracy" and "The Running Man" are just a few that come to mind besides a few that are way obvious like "They Live". This is called "predictive programming" and has been used on the psyche of human consciousness for decades now.
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San Francisco Considers Requiring ID Scans For Most Public Events
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