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 Fear Of Bin Laden Follower's Revenge Pushes Police State In Full Effect

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PostSubject: Fear Of Bin Laden Follower's Revenge Pushes Police State In Full Effect   Tue May 03, 2011 12:39 pm

Fear of bin Laden followers' revenge has airports on alert

Two days after the death of America’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, national and local transportation security is not about to relax.

In fact, it is staying just as strong as it has been, if not stronger, in preparedness for the possibility of a retaliatory attack.
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From M.o.1 -- As you can see, this whole "Osama's gonna get us" game is still being played even though the man is allegedly dead. What is interesting is that I do believe that something is gonna happen off of this but I also believe that was the plan all along. For a long time, they have been needing another event to be the final push into the hell they are wanting to put upon the people of this country.....I believe that this is going to be it.

However, what we are seeing here is a mere acclimatization of the police state into the minds of the people. It becomes no thing to see armed, military-esque guards walking the streets and patrolling the airports. A society where everyone is viewed as the criminal and we are told to be very afraid, trust no one becomes the soup of the day.

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Fear Of Bin Laden Follower's Revenge Pushes Police State In Full Effect
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