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 Full Body Scanners: From Airport Security To Your Local Shopping Mall

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PostSubject: Full Body Scanners: From Airport Security To Your Local Shopping Mall   Thu May 26, 2011 12:10 pm

Full Body Scanners: From Airport Security To Your Local Shopping Mall

United States Senator Charles Schumer on May 8th advocated at a news conference that the government should seek funding to expand the TSA watch list to include screening and monitoring of passengers on Amtrak trains. The expansion of the current no-fly list would create a no-ride list for individuals suspected of foreign or domestic terrorism.

Senator Schumer is seeking to leverage intel on potential terror responses after the killing of Al Queda mastermind Osama Bin Laden.

While no actual terror threats have been made public after the events that led to Bin Laden's seizure and subsequent killing, an expansion of DHS and TSA responsibilities at this time for transportation security outside of airport and border points of entry appears to be an overkill to public safety, and a tighter infringement to domestic freedoms.

Recently, Homeland Security has already looked at instituting security procedures and checkpoints and malls, shopping, centers, and sporting events. On top of this, a new intrusive background check procedure is being proposed by the state department under form DS 5513 which will make it much harder to come in our out of the US dominion.
Continue reading on US Senator seeks funding for increased TSA screening on trains - National Finance Examiner |

From M.o.1 -- Do you notice how this article posted below from Yahoo is basically a hit piece showing you how wonderful these body scanners can be. I can see this being a way for them to implement this with all the "tech heads" that are out there just looking for the latest gadget to make their lives easier.

Check it out here:

Or just read below:
By now we have all seen or heard about the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) x-ray scanners in airports. If you plan on traveling and prefer not to receive the intensive full-body pat-down, you must go through the scanners in order to pass security. But regardless of all the controversy surrounding the invasion of privacy associated with these scanners, the question has been raised: can this technology be used for more consumer friendly purposes?

Some people think that not only can scanners be used, but are an ideal approach, to helping people shop for clothes and picking out their own unique, perfect sizes. Imagine the following scenario: you walk into a shopping mall, step into a TSA-style x-ray scanner, which scans your body in 20 seconds and then tells you the exact size measurements of clothes that fit your body perfectly based on different stores and brands.

You then get a printout of all of your clothing sizes based on different brands or stores and proceed to shop without ever having to try on clothing or worry about them being the wrong size. For some people, especially women, for whom clothing sizes change dramatically from one store to the next (a size 4 can be a size 8 in store A and size 10 in store B), this sounds like the perfect solution to finding the perfectly sized dresses or pants.

And it really is a great approach that would help turn shopping from a chore to a quick and easy activity, not to mention it would make shopping for clothes online simple and easy as can be. But what about the negative aspect mentioned before? The risk of invasion of privacy if and when these scanned images will get out to the public, or the risk of radiation that most of the travelers are worried about now?

Is the convenience of super-simple shopping and getting perfect-fitting clothes worth the risk of radiation-caused disease or the invasion of privacy? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

(Via Yahoo)

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Full Body Scanners: From Airport Security To Your Local Shopping Mall
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