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 Elite At Bilderberg Confab: War Is Solution For Over-Population

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Minority of One
Minority of One

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PostSubject: Elite At Bilderberg Confab: War Is Solution For Over-Population   Fri Jun 10, 2011 9:45 pm

Elite at Bilderberg Confab: War is Solution for Over-population

Kurt Nimmo
June 10, 2011

Jim Tucker’s anonymous steering level Bilderberg inside source told him war in the Middle East is at the top of the elite’s agenda.

Speaking with Alex Jones today, the long time Bilderberg sleuth said the elite believe the world is over-populated and war represents a partial solution.

“They are unified on their war project,” said Tucker, citing his Trilateralist-Bilderberg source, “their rationalization the world is too crowded anyway, they have to limit the population growth, the one way to do it is with our wars. They have been emphasizing that all day.”

The elite are outraged at the presence of activists outside the gates of the exclusive resort where they are cloistered in St. Moritz, Switzerland, Tucker said.

Following a call by Alex Jones to protest the globalists, activists are beginning to arrive in the village for a demonstration to be held tomorrow, Saturday, June 11.

From M.o.1 -- Ya know, it feels much of the time that we are just waiting for them to kill us. As it stands, there really isn't that much left to understand about this system. We know what is happening, how they are going to do it, vitually at what point they want to do it and who they will use to accomplish this goal YET the people wait. All the people who are wanting to destroy this country, you and your family plus the generations to come are all piled in one place......yet the best solution we have is to just report on what they are doing. History shows that the people, no matter what facts are presented to them about a situation, will not react until it is knocking on their front door. My friends, by the time it knocks on their front's too late.

My thoughts are that the task of resistance may have fallen once again on the 3% to defend the 97% of uncaring individuals.
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Elite At Bilderberg Confab: War Is Solution For Over-Population
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