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 Arlington Police Department Testing Unmanned Aircraft

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PostSubject: Arlington Police Department Testing Unmanned Aircraft   Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:16 pm

Arlington PD Testing Unmanned Aircraft

Department hopes to use drones in emergency situations by January

The Arlington Police Department is in the first part of its experiment in using unmanned aircraft to assist in law enforcement.

The department has been testing and evaluating two battery-operated, remote-controlled aircraft over a small, restricted airspace near Lake Arlington Dam, away from populated areas.

The aircraft are flown only for daylight operations and within a small, restricted airspace. The aircraft have to remain within the pilot's line of sight and fly 400 feet above the ground level.

Pilots obtain the same license as a commercial aircraft pilot.

Arlington hopes to demonstrate the aircraft's potential law enforcement uses. All flight data is recorded and sent to the Federal Aviation Administration for evaluation.

For more info and video --

From M.o.1 -- This is the future of everything.....machines. This is the overall "endgame" of the elite. They wish to merge w/ the machine(from their own writings) and basically become "gods" in the eyes of the miniscule humans. Believe me when I say, after checking out their own material, the film "Terminator" wasn't far off at all w/ the global elite's plan for domination. Drones in the air, life extension technology, mass extermination....there is much more to technology than most are aware of.
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Arlington Police Department Testing Unmanned Aircraft
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