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This is a forum designed to cover all aspects of alternative research from religion to the paranormal to other aspects of global conspiracy.
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 Colossal Geoengineering In Plain Sight

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PostSubject: Colossal Geoengineering In Plain Sight   Colossal Geoengineering In Plain Sight Icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 6:47 pm

Colossal GeoEngineering in Plain Sight

Colossal Geoengineering In Plain Sight 100409geoengineering2

<p>Alex Jones
November 13, 2011

NASA reported 5 years ago that the earth is now receiving at least 20% less sunlight than 10 years before.

After 16 years of denial, the White House Science Czar John P Holdren now admits that they have been “testing” the manipulation of Earth’s atmosphere with Barium salts, Aluminum Dioxide and other toxic compounds.

Bottom line: there is a world-wide secret program to manipulate the atmosphere. They admit it’s happening, but they won’t tell us why.

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Colossal Geoengineering In Plain Sight
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