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This is a forum designed to cover all aspects of alternative research from religion to the paranormal to other aspects of global conspiracy.
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 Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence

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PostSubject: Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence   Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence Icon_minitimeSun Jan 01, 2012 5:56 pm

Remote View and Remote Influence

January 1st, 2012 by Michael Jaco
Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence Jaco-head

It’s been a while sense I last touched upon this subject and wanted to bring it back into focus and add some more information.

Remote View (RV) is defined as the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular,extra-sensory perception (ESP) or “sensing with mind”.

Remote Influence is a label given to our ability to influence people and events using only our minds (and the energy we generate).

Both of these abilities that are available to all of humanity are largely ignored or discounted by the established scientific community.

Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence Remote-viewing-akashic

We actually use both of these abilities on a daily basis but most people are unaware of their talents and how easily we can develop these natural gifts.

I only need think briefly about my loved ones and I can often see in my minds eye what they are doing. Do I focus on this all the time? Of course not I have my own life to lead and I honor the sanctity of each human being. We build a rapport with someone we are close to and we often can pop in so to speak and check on them.
Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTg5MZO7O8VK68LUJHc2l_cSFq2lqPPWxFTidWyKiMod0bWsVIVOfCtumE8ZA

For instance virtually everyone that uses modern communication devices can attest to the fact that someone they are thinking about in a far removed location has thought of them at the same time. Often thinking exactly the same thoughts. Wether texting or phone conversations we often tap into the remote viewing aspect of our abilities and in some if not all cases will have remote influencing events during our interactions with others.

It is impossible not to influence others in some way. The degree of influence we are able to exert depends on the amount of energy we manage to generate and project and on whether the influence we desire to exert is in accord or in conflict with the energy of the receiver.

I have listened several times to interviews of Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Army, who is a decorated military intelligence officer and original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. on Coast to Coast radio. Ed Dames describes how he and other remote viewers within his current civilian organization have peered into future events.

Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence Major-dames

Like any great prophet of current or ancient times prophecy is meant to alert or inform others to future events. As a remote viwer you become entangled with potential future events.

Future events can be changed by consciousness or remote influencing (RI). Thus the role of a good prophet would be to alert others to influence potential negative events into not happening.

I have worked both aspects of this equation over the last several years. Alerting others through the medium of this website and social media to RV events that I saw in the future. My current work takes me into combat zones where I have been able to calm the energies of strife and destruction so that a more positive outcome has resulted.

On this site I alerted others to the possibility that Comet Elenin or the blue kachina of ancient prophecy would have a negative effect on the Earth. In another article on this site I talked about how the sun is and can be influenced by love consciousness on Earth. Comet Elenin was destroyed by a Coronal Mass Ejection by the sun this past summer. I feel this was because the consciousness of earth has reached a level where the destruction and disruption that this and an approaching planet X have caused in the past will be mitigated by a rapidly advancing consciousness towards light or love. The darkness that has gripped humanity for thousands of years is being thrown off.

This rapid rise in consciousness has been predicted by many advanced spiritual cultures and secret societies for millenniums. Much of this information has been suppressed by dark forces that currently rule our world but whose grip is rapidly deteriorating.

This descent into darkness was part of a plan for humanity to experience this aspect of dense duality. The dark and the light are actually part of the same divine source. Divinity encompasses everything including evil and good. For those on the path of advancement into the light the darkness has acted as a catalyst for advancement and soul development. Now the majority of humanity no longer needs the extreme levels of duality and now desires more light to advance and grow. The light is shining into the dark corners of society and exposing the no longer needed or desired corruption and manipulation.

From corrupt governments and leaders collapsing like dominoes all over the world, the exposure of religious institutions involved in pedophilia, to exposure of the press and financial institutions to control by small corrupt families that control our thoughts and money. Everything that was of the dark is being exposed and like an onion the layers of corruption, lies, fear, control and intimidation are being exposed and dissolved.

In a small part the film industry has been an excellent tool for bringing to light areas of consciousness that would not at first be accepted as fact. The Star Wars and Matrix trilogies are a prime example of fiction that is on a fine line separated from fact.

Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence 300px-JediKnights

<P style="MARGIN: 0px; FONT: 12px Helvetica">
The Jedi Knight of old, as I will reveal in my next book and have discussed previously are based on fact. During ancient Egypt the Djed Warriors were of the God Osirisor ”Lord of Love” following. Queen Hatshepsut was a big proponent of training and employing the Djed knight as was Akhenaton her great grandson.

Not coincidentally I had past lives as a Djed (Jedi) Knight in both of these Pharaohs lifetimes. The energies of RV and RI work that many of us reincarnated Jedi knights are connecting with again in this lifetime are helping to shift and protect humanity during the rough parts of the rapidly unfolding shift to higher light consciousness.

In the lifetime during Akhenaton and then his son Tutankhamen I would advance as a Jedi Knight and Royal Prince to higher leadership positions and eventually marry King Tut’s replacement Pharaoh Ay’s daughter Mutnodjmet. My wife Tracy in this life was Mutnodjmet. My name in this life was Nakhtmin and I was heir to the thrown.

I would have helped bring in the light to a high degree on earth in this life but their was a power of darkness that was playing out in the form of Osiris’s evil brother Set’s cult. The one God idea that Akhenaten had been trained in and had started to implement was a major threat to the cult of Set. Set today would later be translated into the word Satan.

Set/Satan is the dark force that opposes the light. In a dualistic lower level 3 dimensional world the dark energies can have as much or more power or projecting abilities than the light. Dark energies manifest in lesser degrees in the higher dimensions up to the 7th dimension where they no longer influence the light and eventually disintegrate when exposed to higher levels of light. Interestingly Set is associated with the left eye and is the symbol on the top of the pyramid on the one dollar bill. Just saying.

This path of darkness is an eventual dead end path but serves it’s purpose in motivating the lower levels of light. At any time the dark path souls can return to the light or if continuing up the dark path they will eventually disintegrate and be reabsorbed in the universal consciousness. Similar to the representative scene in Star Wars where Luke’s father Anakin Skywalker destroys the dark lord out of compassion and self sacrifice for his son. The force as Star Wars and the Matrix describe it is the energy of Love from the Creator that is available to all. All master teachers from Buddha through Jesus have all taught of this power available to all.

Getting back to my former life as Nakhmin I was usurped by the Chief General of the Army Horemheb who married an elder daughter of Akhenaten which put him in line to the throne. Horemheb and his replacement Ramses I were both Set followers and had been part of a larger conspiracy to takeover the monarchy for the dark forces.

Moses would come back from exile and eventually lead out of Egypt not only Hebrews but many Egyptians including myself, my wife and children during the cataclysmic events surrounding the approach of Planet X. The light left Egypt and went into the desert where it continued in secret societies because not to do so would have been the total destruction of the light by the dark forces. Again a similar analogy to what happened in Star Wars when the Jedi force went into hiding and became secretive.

Today we see the same darkness trying to continue in the Egyptian Army. Many thought that once Mubarackwas replaced that the light would return to Egypt. Mubarack was simply a pawn and front man for a deeper more entrenched darkness. Like my previous analogy of an onion skin being peeled back to reveal more layers more work is going to have to be done here.

Can anyone learn how to use RV and RI for good? Absolutely and as a part of the advancement of a soul on the path of light it is already inherent and easily developed. I will be offering courses later this year in Sedona, Az where I will instruct others on how to easily and quickly assimilate and advance these skills.

Yes, Jedi training will return. As Tank said in the Matrix “Damn, It’s a very exciting time.”

Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence MATRIX

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Michael Jaco: Remote View and Remote Influence
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