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 Fed and Bank of Japan Caused Gold Crash

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Fed and Bank of Japan Caused Gold Crash Empty
PostSubject: Fed and Bank of Japan Caused Gold Crash   Fed and Bank of Japan Caused Gold Crash Icon_minitimeSat Apr 20, 2013 11:46 pm

Fed and Bank of Japan caused gold crash

Fed and Bank of Japan Caused Gold Crash Max-keiser-indy-cover

“It is becoming ever clearer that the roaring boom in global equities since last summer has priced in an economic recovery that does not in fact exist. The International Monetary Fund has had to nurse down its global growth forecasts yet again. We are still stuck in an old-fashioned trade depression, with pervasive over-capacity in manufacturing plant and a record global savings rate of 25pc of GDP.

German car sales fell 17pc in March. That should puncture the last illusions that Germany is about to pull Europe out of a self-inflicted slump.

As you can see from the chart below, the divergence between stock markets and the Deutsche Bank index of raw materials is astonishing to behold, so like the pattern in early 1929.

Fed and Bank of Japan Caused Gold Crash Graph_2539415c

Read more… @ The Telegraph

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Fed and Bank of Japan Caused Gold Crash
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