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The Minority Report

This is a forum designed to cover all aspects of alternative research from religion to the paranormal to other aspects of global conspiracy.
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Minority of One
Minority of One

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PostSubject: Rules of this Forum   Rules of this Forum Icon_minitimeTue Aug 24, 2010 2:24 pm

I was hoping that I could make this forum and invite people here who could have intelligent debate without causing any trouble......apparently that is not possible so I have to make this section here:

This forum has a very simple rule........Don't act like an asshole.

If you cannot come to this forum, share information, discuss it in an intelligent're not welcome. If you come here, start trouble and refuse to adhere to this simple rule....I WILL BAN YOU.

No questions asked. It's very simple and I'm a reasonable guy.

If you disagree with something on here, please feel free to INTELLIGENTLY comment or question. That is fine with me and that is what this forum is for.

Please understand what each section of the forum is used for. You don't have agree with the information presented and feel free to express that you do however I ask you to please present things in an intelligent manner without trying to start arguments and by all means ask questions.

The biggest thing to remember is this:

There are several roads and directions to get to a certain place. You can also take a car, train, bike, on foot, airplane, horseback....a varitey of ways can be taken to get to a certain destination. No matter what direction you come from and the means you take to get there.....the destination is still the same. Thus is the nature of consciousness and the uplifting of the human spirit.

Thank you and please remember to play nice jocolor

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Rules of this Forum
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