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 A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program

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PostSubject: A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program   A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Icon_minitimeFri Aug 27, 2010 5:04 pm

Alrighty, I'm going to make a stab at covering the VAST topic of Disney's Mind Control Program, Subliminal Messages for Mind Control, propaganda and how they operate.

Basic Overview of Trauma Based Mind Control

This article is meant to be a simplistic overview of trauma based mind control as has been employed in the MK-Ultra Monarch Programming method. It is important to understand the foundation of how and why this type of mind control works, with respect to trauma, dissociation and subsequent programming.

This system of mind control has its origins in Illuminati based black magic practices. Multigenerational Satanic cults and high level Illuminati members have employed mind control for centuries. The basics of this type of mind control slavery was optimized and expanded after World War 2 following the gruesome experiments conducted in the Nazi concentration camps. Dr. Joseph Mengele, (aka, Dr. Green) disappeared from Auschwitz in January of 1945, and was smuggled into the US by the Illuminati.

When Monarch Programming started, the top men were Illuminati. Originally Mengele was the lead Programmer and became skilled in many things including Cabalistic Magic, abortions, torture and programming children. When Mengele came over to he US, the existing mind control programming jumped from being an occult science, to one that had full access to the Medical, Psychiatric, Judicial, Scientific and Governmental sectors via the power of the National Security Act and the Intelligence Agencies. According to Fritz Springmeyer, author of "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Mind Controlled Slave", the Illuminati created the CIA. Intelligence agencies such as Britain’s MI-6 began investigating these mind control techniques early on even in World War 1.

These were most likely the early multiple personality Manchurian candidate types of agents. The Illuminati’s programming of multiple personality agents through trauma, ritual abuse, and hypno-programming was simplistic compared to the sophisticated techniques engineered by the Nazi Germans and even today. Secret mind control experimentation continued after WW2 in the US and also Canada under the CIA’s, Project Paperclip.

The primary MK-Ultra project adapted from these early systems was the Monarch Program. The reason why I think this system is important is because it is the original programming used to lay the groundwork for future more sophisticated mind control systems. The main factors for success in Monarch programming is the genetic tendency for dissociation, high intelligence and creativity. It was discovered years ago, by the Illuminati that dissociative ability was passed on from generation to generation. The children of multigenerational abuse are good at dissociation. These genetic qualities have been fine tuned and specific bloodlines; both Illuminati and non-Illuminati are closely monitored, so that most Monarch slaves are even chosen before birth. Genealogical records of Illuminati bloodlines are highly guarded secrets, but in general these consist of 13 major families which include the Royal bloodlines of Europe.

The reason why dissociation is important to mind control is because the human mind is more susceptible to hypnotic command in these trance states. Dissociation is also a survival skill of great value in response to trauma and abuse. Frequent traumas, which split the mind of a child before the age of six, will produce multiple personality states. This is also known as dissociative identity disorder. This is one reason why the programming must be done in early childhood and in some cases, infancy and in utero. It is known that trauma based personality splits remain isolated in the mind better than hypnotic based mind splits.

Once the victim is systematically traumatized through various methods, which may include ritual abuse, programming is anchored in to each individual trauma. These dissociated traumas are linked to hypnotic programming commands and scripts. Then the traumatic memories linked in with the programming are walled off with amnesia from the host personality. The traumatized "split" is also known as the newly created alter personality. Alter personalities are created according to the Programmers needs, while the host personality is unaware of the traumatic memories and alters who hold the memories. The alter personality can be called up to the front of the mind via codes or specific cues that the programmer knows, and be trained to do a variety of functions.

All programming is anchored upon some type of trauma. A variety of scripts may be used, along with specific training for individual alter personalities. This extends into the childhood and adulthood of the slave. The idea behind this is to create the perfect slave who can carry out a variety of functions while maintaining secrecy and obedience to the programmers. Such functions may include assassination, espionage, sexual servicing, couriers, "photographic "mind file data storage, and even psychic abilities. There are other important elements employed in Monarch mind control such as the overlaying of demonic entities through ritual, or the power of ancestral generational spirits, which may make the person very psychic. Many of the Monarch victims are chosen because they have a powerful level of generational spirits within their families, who may have practiced black magic for generations.

Nowadays, sophisticated scientific technology is also used, such as biochip implants, electroshock, drugs and brain wave entrainment systems to lock in hypno programming more effectively. Real physical trauma is sometimes substituted for virtual reality headgear, which simulate horrific traumas to quickly split the mind, priming it for programming. The important thing to remember is that the powerhouse behind this type of mind control system is demonic and technical. The key to freedom lies in deliverance and specific deprogramming therapy and support systems.

Let's Get Into Disney

"Movies can and do have tremendous influence in shaping young lives in the realm of entertainment towards the ideals and objectives of normal adulthood." Walt Disney.

The F.B.I. under Hoover began talks with Walt Disney beginning from 1936 and continue until his death in 1966. The Disney FBI file reveals a complex relationship between these two Cold War actors but is also informative of the process of cultural production taking place during the Cold War and how content becomes a plane upon which a struggle between competing visions of purpose is enacted

Disney was hired during WW2 to provide cartoons and other images for use of propaganda for the US government:

MGM even got in on the action:

Disney has went on to take this very same manipulation through imagery and subtle messages to influence kids even today. Even with seemingly innocent movies such as the Little Mermaid, you even get that same "mind control" mentality. Look at the overall plot to the movie......a little mermaid "sells her soul" which is symbolized as her voice in order to fall in love with the wealthy prince.

TONS of symbolism here from an esoteric standpoint as well as a symbolic standpoint.

You have the trauma victim "selling their soul" to achieve something they want(in this case love) but in order to get what they wish to must be kept a secret which is symbolic of "stealing the voice". That voice now belongs to the person who controls them. As you can see, the Sea Witch in the movie even sings her little song about it:

Poor unfortunate souls indeed.

Here they are even telling you of how they operate. These poor unfortunate souls do get caught up in this labyrinth of manipulation and trauma.....for them, escape is damn near impossible.

This leads me to my next section, which are some of the prime examples of the mind control subjects:

Britney Spears

One common thing that you will see with many of the people associated with Disney's Mind Control program is The Mickey Mouse Club. Britney did happen to be a member. One interesting thing that I did notice is that she tried out once and was told that she was "too young" so they sent her to one of their agents who then sent her to a "School for Performing Arts". After she left this school, she was quickly picked up by the Mickey Mouse Club.

Looking at Britney's appearance, she had the classic "look" of many of the trauma subjects that have escaped from the inside such as Cathy O'Brien as well as others. Even my friend Haley fits the category of the "blonde hair, blue eyed" girl. This seems, for some reason or another, to be the type they like to look for. When Britney came out, she had that look. She had the "innocent school girl" look and her songs told quite a story as well.

Now, another thing that is quite common in mind control programs is for the programming to start breaking down around age 30 or so. What we start seeing is this slow, breaking down of the person as all of this dark mess that has been bred into them begins to surface. For these people, this is all they know therefore they feel as if they have no one else to turn too. She ends up getting involved with Madonna through the Kabbalistic Society which, from a ritualistic standpoint, explains the "kiss" but that is another story. Please don't think that Madonna is innocent either as her symbolism tells otherwise:

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Madonna-illuminati

This leads to the classic mental breakdowns.

One of the biggest was Britney shaving her head but people don't understand what was happening here. When she showed up, what color was her hair? It was brown...she has dyed it brown. This was already part of breaking the chain here with just this simple move. No more "blonde hair, blue eyed" girl as this darkness was starting to seep up through the cracks and she began manifesting it. The next step was to strip it all away which throughout the ages a symbolic gesture of rebirth was the shaving of the head.

Once these alternate personalities begin to break down, you can even see the person begin to exhibit symptoms of them almost seeming to be on drugs. They won't know where they are, lose time and really seem to be talking out of their head.

Look at this clip of Britney right after she shaved her head and listen at the very beginning to the girl who was in the beauty shop describe what Britney said as she was doing it:

"She says she's tired of having things plugged into her and doesn't want anyone to touch her"

Doesn't want things "plugged into her"?

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Ect

One common method of "altering" the mind that has been used for quite a while now is the "electo shock" method.

Click Here For Info --- Info on Electro Shock Torture

We also see later her acting out violently which is another slow breakdown of the control. Notice that once they sent her back to the "hospital", which ironically was the Ronald Reagan Medical Center in the psyche ward, and she was treated. I say "ironically" because Reagan was a mind controlled puppet as well.

Lindsey Lohan

Even in current form, we can see how this girl has slowly fallen down the ladder the older she gets. One thing that you tend to see with all of these stars is the Mickey Mouse Club being in common. If it was just one or two different people in high ranking entertainment areas doing this, it would be one thing but it's a ton of different people.

You can see the same patterns with her as with Britney:

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program 83162

You see the same hair that she dyed that blonde color along with the blue eyes. Notice that the hair didn't manifest until she began to work with the music industry which I find kind of strange. As we can see, she gets older and these "alts" start breaking down. This is why she has turned to drugs, drinking and other things in order to cope with all that is going on.

This is what she gets reduced too:

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Lindsay-lohan-drunk-after-crash

Christina Aguleria

Here we have another alumni of the Mickey Mouse Club. With her, she doesn't seem to be manifesting any breaking of the programming but rather just seems to be feeding off of it. Again, she has a very similar look to all the others:

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Christina-aguilera-american-idol-finale

Just as with Lady Gaga, among other celebrities, you see her symbolism with the Illuminati "eye":

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program 2u58aip

Don't forget about her new album pushing the "Transhumanism" for the NWO where man and machine become one:

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Christina_aguilera_bionic_album_cover-

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Single-art-large

She even shared, a much less public version for some reason, the SAME kiss from Madonna:

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Madonna_britney_christina_kiss_1

Miley Cyrus

What would a write up about Disney mind control be without talking about Miley Cyrus. As it stands, there isn't a whole lot of evidence physically that can be seen with Miley HOWEVER symbolically tells a different story. First we have to look at how they got this girl to where she is. On her show, "Hannah Montana", she was telling another story. She was an average girl, who put on a "disguise" to become a different person. Ironically enough, that disguise was a blonde wig....hmmmm, haven't we seen that before?

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Hannah_montana-5324

With this disguise, she fools all of her friends into thinking she is a different person.....this is virtually the little mermaid story all over again with a spin. Now, the first thing that alerted me to Miley was her symbol:

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Hannah

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Img-set?

So what are we looking at? The Monarch Butterfly is what we are looking at with different colors. How does this relate? Project Monarch, as you would have read above in the first article, is one of THE LARGEST mind control operations in the world! This is their symbol, people!

Click Here for Info

To me, this speaks volumes!

Even the name...."Cyrus". Anything similar to "Osiris" possibly? Maybe it's just a coincidence but who knows. Typically, nothing is coincidence for these people.

Now let's take a look at her video:

First thing you see if the "dark angel" motif. You can see her caged up here with all of these "elitest" staring at her. Throughout the song she is telling people that she cannot be changed, cannot be tamed nor can she be saved.....WOW, poor unfortunate souls indeed.

In another symbolic gesture, you can see that as long as she is in the cage.....she has her wings however once she steps outside that cage, the wings no longer exist. To me, this speaks volumes as well. As long as she stays in the cage her creators have built for her, she can stay on top but as soon as she attempts to leave...forget about it. Another interesting thing to me is that it appears that her staying in the cage is a willing move as the bars are plenty wide enough for her to escape as she shows. However, she stays in this cage under her own free will. That, again, speaks volumes.

What's important for people to understand also is that this person is being presented as some kind of "Teen Idol" which kids should look up too. After she received the award for being the "most influencial teen role model" she pulled out this video:

Maybe it's just me but pole dancing, grinding and crotch grabbing doesn't seem like the proper message for a "teen role model". I look for her to start falling at the seams pretty soon but it won't happen for another few years but if the pattern progresses; she will end up like the rest.

Vanessa Hudgens

This is another one that is falling apart at the seams. I'm not going to get into her too much but trust me, I'm sure that most people know that this one has already been "exposed" on the net.

The same can be said for guys like Justin Timberlake, also a Mickey Mouse Club alumni, and that girl from the Cheetah Girls who recently put nude pics on the net.

For me, I just can't call this a coincidence because there are just so many different cases and virtually all of them end up following the same pattern.

There are numerous stories too of children disappearing at Disney World as well. As far as reliable facts, this cannot be confirmed however I can point to an article where this issue is discussed:

Click Here for Story

One thing that people don't speak of often is the Underground Tunnel Complex that is at Disney World. I have heard numerous reports from people who have actually been in these tunnels before and say that it's huge!

Here is some info:

Click Here for Info

Click Here for Info --- More Info on the Underground Tunnel Complex

Maybe there is more to this than just "delivering supplies" or who know what those supplies are. Again here, I am speculating however it's safe to say that Disney has some pretty dark history and some of the biggest names in show business that end up falling down the "rabbit hole" have their beginnings there.

Speaking of "down the rabbit hole", The Alice in Wonderland movie was said to be a symbolic tale of the brainwashing process. It is supposedly based off the idea of what is called the "Alice in Wonderland Confusion Technique" as I've heard it termed. It goes as follows:

Most so-called hypnotic or "confusion techniques" are designed to compel a listener to pay close, intense attention to someone who is speaking or presenting them information. In many situations, these techniques are designed to brainwash a subject, or at least make strong suggestions to them that will linger in their mind afterwards.

On the most basic level, using confusion and confusing language to get someone to pay attention to you is obvious. When you're listening to someone speak, and they appear to be making sense, but you are unable to follow the logic of their statements, you will pay closer attention. The "Alice in Wonderland" confusion technique merely takes this same principle to a more extreme level.

Essentially, the Alice in Wonderland technique uses confusion to replace a subject's accepted ideas about the world with false or nonsensical ones, much as the character of Alice is confronted by surreal or illogical goings-on once she makes the trip to Wonderland.

Typically, the technique involves two interrogators. The first poses a question to a subject that appears to be straightforward, but is on some level nonsensical and impossible to answer correctly. The second interrogator then interrupts with an unrelated and also impossible-to-answer question.

Questions continue to be asked in this manner, overlapping one another, for hours, days or even long as it takes to thoroughly convince the subject that their situation has become illogical and to break down his or her resistance.

At this point, a person who previously was unwilling to accept a thesis that contradicted his or her worldview will become more open to suggestions or new ideas. They will accept that they will not be able to escape their situation through rational means, and will embrace irrationality as a means of escape.

Obviously, this technique is primarily useful for something like an interrogation, when the interviewers want to get information out of a subject, or with brainwashing, as one would find in a cult atmosphere. It has been suggested that the technique is employed in the Church of Scientology, but I could find no evidence online that this was actually true or false

This just falls into line with a whole line of different movies by Disney to accomplish mind altering ideas. One thing that people miss out on with their catching of Disney movies is Disney's OTHER movie company for adults called "Touchstone". Disney wanted to cover the adult market however they also wanted to keep their "kiddie" look as well so they just created a new movie company for cover. Once again, this is just the cameleon changing it's colors to mask it's intent.

Cathy O'Brien is one of the government slaves that ended up making it out of the sex slave trade. Here you can listen to some of her stories and things she experienced:

Click Here for Info --- Information on Cathy O-Brien's Story

Bill Clinton even shows evidence of this:

Here he admits being "sorry" for all the mind control experiments even though they still go on:

If anyone has anything else to add from an esoteric standpoint, ritual or magical aspect.....please feel free to add.

Thanks for reading,

Minority of One
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PostSubject: Well Disguised   A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Icon_minitimeThu Sep 23, 2010 6:54 pm

It's amazing to me how much Mind Control Propaganda Disney throws out and no one notices because it is soooo well disguised; Just Crazy!
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PostSubject: Re: A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program   A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Icon_minitimeFri Sep 24, 2010 3:40 pm

I agree with HFF but I also have a theory on why it is so wide spread. And I don't mean that in the nice way. LOL

See sex sells, and in all Disney from the very first of it, to modern day, it is all full of some of the most freaky sneaky overtones that can be conjured by our species. I mean they have covered it all from child porn to S&M, to lustful envy to virgin stupidity. And I mean all of this from Gay, strait, Bi and try-a-sexual points of view.

Now, in Paganism of all types, one of the first lessons is to learn the purpose of the body. Just like a wrench or a paint brush are just things...... with a little training and discipline you can become your tools and make a master piece. Like a gun is an extension of yourself in combat. Even then your body is your greatest tool if it's been disciplined by the mind.

However, most are Not raised that way. Most are Not taught about their bodies just like most are Not taught how to fight. That is why most fall victim to the very real parts of being human.

So, Why does sex sell? It sells because it is what we are all made from. Looking at the Spiritual DNA post on this forum, it hit me the connections to our curiosities of our own humanity to how everything works with what made us! I mean It's a kool concept to call us DNA or mud sacks or children of God. But Truth is, for every living thing on this planet its Not that simple.

From you and me to bacteria and all of life, for life to exist someone whom you are connected to (mother) had to share their sexual selves with someone else of the opposite sex or nothing would BE. Nothing of our understandings anyways.

I think originally that was what Disney himself was trying to wake people up to. But just like Tesla, Einstein, Bell, Ford etc. He was infiltrated by the greedy and evil and had his gifts and visions stolen. Thus, something beautiful was twisted into what we see today.

Really though, ask yourself, Do you think this is what Mr.Disney stood for or Sam Walton of Wal-mart Or Thomas Jefferson for that matter? Yet, the names Of the Rockefeller and even that Demon J.P. Morgan, and so on, still go unchallenged, while they still are taking anything Natural and good for the greater good and ring it out for personal gains.

Ever wonder who it is really pulling the strings that has been exposed here with this post?

The best way to stop this kind of mind control and exploitation of our children is to raise them to love themselves and their bodies, just the way they are. Teach them to master their minds and bodies, so they can honor their soul. But how many do this? How many blame the crap they come from to the religion they practice for Not teaching their own kids? People must understand How and why they made their kids, is only one of the parts of the story. They have to make it make sense for why God granted their soul to the flesh their parents made. That is why its called making LOVE.

I believe it is an insult unto GOD/DESS to Not teach children why they are so special. Or about the love you were sharing and what it must of meant to God/dess to grant their soul towards that love so that they may exist.

If more parent could do this, with age appropriateness as a guide, kids Not only in this country but around the world would Not be so f-en brain washed.

I'll never understand why in a world where the seasons call for it, so many people willingly do it, so many people sell it, all of us are made from it, that SEX would be anything more than rain. I know, I know sex is dangerous. So is a lighting storm. But sex makes babies. Yea rain grows all living things. Sex is dirty. So is a mud slide. My child is Not old enough to understand. Well true, but the fist talk doesn't have to be about barometric pressure. Truth is for a healthy child, loving and healthy adults teach him/her, by their actions in front of them, of what love and making love is. This is Not done by talking but through expression. ( By adult hood appropriateness of expression is a given. So don't go gutter/scum on a child.)

Never let Disney, Dream works, attitude or religion take away your God/dess given right to teach your children why you were given the responsibility of their innocence and soul. But so many Do just that. And that is why this post is so important. Like the oldest profession in the world, there is another school of thought just as old, That is if you don't educate and protect your offspring other creatures will do it for you. Whether you want them to or Not.

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Minority of One
Minority of One

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PostSubject: Re: A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program   A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Icon_minitimeMon Oct 11, 2010 2:25 pm

It appears that Miley Cyrus has made the full transition now as all others in the past have done as well. At first it was only cosmetic with her wearing the wig but now she has fully manifested the traits of the mind control, Disney subject.

As we can see with the dying of the hair blonde and the blue eyes.

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Stopthepresses-518180391-1286815109

A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Stopthepresses-325415020-1286815110
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PostSubject: Re: A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program   A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program Icon_minitime

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A Look Into Disney Trauma Based Mind Control Program
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