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 Illegal To Dig In The Sand Now?

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Illegal To Dig In The Sand Now? Empty
PostSubject: Illegal To Dig In The Sand Now?   Illegal To Dig In The Sand Now? Icon_minitimeMon Sep 20, 2010 7:35 pm

I just happened to see this video and it just adds to the insanity. Down on the coast, near the Gulf Oil Spill zone, they have deemed it illegal to dig in the sand for civilians. BP workers are allowed to dig BUT only dig 6 inches under the you can see in the video, once you get to 6 inches, you can see oil under the sand.

How can they say that it's "illegal" to dig in a national park on the beach? This just shows the paid goons down there doing the dirty work of the big oil companies.

So why are they hiding or what are they hiding? Is there actually a "clean up" going on or is there a "cover up" going on instead? There are several allegations along with video evidence of BP covering up the so called "clean up" by just putting sand over top of the oil rather than actually cleaning up.

Click Here --- Allegations of BP Covering Up Oil With Sand on Beaches

THIS is why they don't want people digging in the sand!

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Illegal To Dig In The Sand Now?
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