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PostSubject: Educate Yourselves......   Educate Yourselves...... Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2010 7:52 pm

Voter Non-comprehension & America's Continuing Descension

From Ken Adachi, Editor
Novem,ber, 3, 2010

Voter Non-comprehension & America's Continuing Descension by Ken Adachi (Nov. 3, 2010)

As a group, American voters are the most easily deceived and misled rubes on the face of the earth. Europeans, in general, possess a much greater perception of the disastrous course upon which this nation is being headed thanks to treasonous legislators, "infil-traitors", fifth columnists , and corporate opportunists who are steering this Ship of Fools straight onto the shoals of ruination.

Yesterday's election results revealed just how effective propaganda and spin can brainwash a largely dumbed-down nation into near total compliance with the agenda of those who are orchestrating the takedown of this country.

To learn that Senator Russ Fingold of Wisconsin, the ONLY senator to stand up for the US Constitution and vote against the treasonous Patriot Act in 2001 ( and so many other bills that were unconstitutional and damaging to the welfare of this country), was defeated and driven from office thanks to the money and brain washing manufactured by the likes of neo-con criminals like Karl Rove, tells me there is little hope for rescuing the America that I once knew.

To learn that Leftist destroyers like Barbara Boxer, Loretta Sanchez, Barney Frank, and Harry Reid were re-elected, even by thin margins, is dismaying, to say the least. NWO front man, abuser, torturer, and handler of MK Ultra mind control sex slaves, Patrick Leahy's 89% win in Vermont, sometimes called the Granite state, tells me that voters in the Granite State have only granite where their brains should be.

Every single AM or FM radio talk show in America engages in the utterly false and meaningless Hegelian dialectic of Democrat versus Republican politics when there is no sincere effort by members from either of these political parties to rescue this republic from the REAL dangers its citizens face:

The word "chemtrails" is NEVER mentioned in political debates, yet every citizen of this country is being poisoned daily -for 12 solid years- and not a SINGLE word is spoken of this genocidal operation going on right over their heads - mostly by the United States Air Force - every single day of the week.

The US military is responsible for the deaths of 2-3 million innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of the unjustified invasions of those countries based on the now thoroughly proven false and contrived blame assignment following 911. The unbelievable costs of these insane wars in treasure, American lives, and long term environmental poisoning from depleted uranium is STAGGERING, and yet not ONE WORD on stopping and de funding this madness came up in any political debate or in position papers from any of the incumbents or their challengers for the US congress.

Bio-engineered stealth-disease vectors and micro-chipping is being orchestrated to overtake every citizen of this country via bogus Swine Flu 'pandemic' alerts and CDC sponsored vaccination propaganda campaigns. This is a naked population reduction and Big Brother tracking/ mind control.

The coming mega-inflation and de-valuing of the American dollar is a planned conspiracy to thrust the people of this nation into dire and desperate circumstances. And from desperate circumstances there arises frustration, and eventual chaos-the desired milieu to install the final planks of the NWO schemers.

Congress is FILLED with TRAITORS who are aiding and abetting the destruction of America. They are helping to install a police state replete with a gulag of concentration/death camps intended to destroy American patriots, intellectuals, and free thinkers, and yet NOTHING is said of dismantling these camps. We have a bill pending, S 510, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, which will make it a CRIME to grow food and sell it from a roadside vegetable stand without government sanction and permission! This is NUTS, and YET again, not ONE word of this is mentioned in any pre-election debate.

I heard both Amy Goodman and Rush Limbaugh this morning reflect on the fallout of the 2010 election. Naturally, Amy concentrates on glorifying the goals of Democrat ideologues like guest Michael Moore, and characterizes Republicans as the tools of corporate elites while Rush reverses the party names, but engages in the same Blame Game. Rush Limbaugh earns at least 43 million dollars a year for bashing Democrats, while Amy must be earning at least 5 million (maybe more) for bashing Republicans. Neither of them is helping the people of this nation realize the real takeover dangers they now face and neither of them offer the insights and information that American citizens need to extricate themselves from the treasonous wolves who are devouring us.

We MUST elect genuine, constitutional patriots with the courage and determination to face the NWO threat head on and begin the process of dismantling the Nazi-like agencies and infra-structures erected since 911 which have advanced the dissolution of this wonderful land to such a dangerous degree.

Ken Adachi

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Educate Yourselves......
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