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This is a forum designed to cover all aspects of alternative research from religion to the paranormal to other aspects of global conspiracy.
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 My, Don't We Have a Short Memory.....

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Minority of One
Minority of One

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My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Empty
PostSubject: My, Don't We Have a Short Memory.....   My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 5:13 pm

It's interesting to me how quickly people forget in the conspiracy movement just who their enemies are and who they are not. Some of the supposed "generals" in this army of resistance forget things that have happened merely one year ago. As soon as one of the enemies of truth get on the TV and say "oh, I think those 9/11 truthers were right"......everything is forgotten and they start jumping up and down cheering that these people have "awakened" to the truth.


This is the nature of propaganda and mind control. Even when you look at classical texts on warfare such as "Sun Tzu", you see that these same tactics have been used for centuries quite effectively.

I'll give a few examples of what I'm talking about here:

Geraldo Rivera and 9/11 Truth:

As you notice in that video, you can even SEE ALEX JONES standing up leading the charge against this traitor and propaganda artist, Geraldo Rivera. However, Geraldo just a few weeks ago starts talking about how "9/11 truth just may be true" JUST AS all of the other Fox News cronies start taking the "we're against the new world order" stance:

How do people forget so quickly that this guy was talking about having 9/11 Truthers locked up less than a year ago? Geraldo actually had Alex Jones arrested at this event yet Alex reports that this guy has all of a sudden "woke up" to the truth?

Fox News

As it stands, right now everyone is turning to Fox News as the "beacon" of hope in the news world. I see people all the time reporting how Fox News is "going to be taken off the air because they are "speaking the truth". My friends, this is not the truth:

People seem to forget that just LAST ADMINISTRATION it was reported that Fox News was getting their stories directly from the White House.

Click Here --- White House Gave FOX Commentators Talking Points

Come on people.....THIS HASN'T BEEN THAT LONG AGO!

Everyone is thinking that FOX News is this new "anti-establishment" news show but in all actuality, it's just part of the game of Propaganda 101. We see this all the time.....before when Bush was in office, FOX News was the mouthpiece for the administration. No matter what Bush did, everyone on FOX was quick to backup whatever he did. It didn't matter how many draconian laws he passed, such as the Patriot Act, FOX news said it was for "protecting America". Now, when Obama speaks of the Patriot Act and brings in more and more draconian laws, FOX news is right there to condemn it. During the time of Bush, it was CNN and their talk shows that was playing the role of "anti-establishment" media.

Now, it's all just reversed with FOX as the anti-establishment media and CNN picking up the slack of the "White House mouthpiece" news source. How can people not see this game?

Glenn Beck

If there was ever a corperate mouthpiece, there is none bigger than Glenn Beck. He flips and flops around following whatever ratings he can get and is the "Alex Jones" of the propaganda network of FOX News. It amazes me that people are supporting this guy for no other reason than he is speaking their language right now,

This is Glenn Beck FROM JUST LAST YEAR:

Just last year and the early part of this year, Glenn Beck is calling for MORE TAXATION on the American people when Bush was in office yet now he is completely against excess taxation now that Obama is in office. What has changed? The only thing that has changed is the script that he's reading.....other than that, it's the same guy on there peddling the same BS as before.

So now that it's a Democrat in office, this is his rhetoric now:

What's the difference here, Glenn?

This guy is just a mouthpiece reading a script. He's playing the part and trying to rangle in those who are fed up with government and keep them under control. This is the nature of controlled opposition. If you control the opposition, you understand just what they will be opposed too, what their response will be and just how much actual "opposition" they will threaten you with.

Listening to Glenn Beck speak about the 9/11 Truthers and how the idea of false flag terrorism is such a perposturous idea, it's funny to hear him saying this now:

The real shocking thing in this video is that a guy who has taken the position, whether he wants it or not, as leader of the "Truth Movement"(Alex Jones) has actually bought into this guy's nonsense. It just amazes me that it wasn't long ago that Beck was calling for Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones listeners, and Patriots to be locked away in FEMA camps.

Does Alex not remember this:

These camps don't exst, Beck......even though the FEMA camps that Beck supposedly "debunked" have been debunked for years now by people in the conspiracy movement?

Watching that video brings me to another important piece of the puzzle

Ron Paul

Watching that last video, go to about the 4:51 second mark of that video and listen to Beck talking with Ron hear also RON PAUL DENYING THE EXISTENCE OF FEMA CAMPS!

I've asked it before and I'll ask it many times does Ron Paul have to stab this movement in the back before we get a clue?

I'll give a few examples:

How many times?

Aren't people falling for THE SAME LINE of bullshit from Ron Paul as they are from guys like Glenn Beck? For me, when I listen to Ron Paul, he always says everything that I like to hear. When I hear the guy, I think to myself "wow, he would make a good president" however I'm not one to forget and also look at the signs surrounding him.

This movement has become like that of a battered wife. The boyfriend or husband beats the hell out of the woman, leaving her bloody and bruised yet he comes up to her a few hours later and say "hey baby, I'm sorry about that, it will never happen again" only to have her take him back and believe him. This is in essence the path that this movement has taken over the soon as a new Pied Piper rolls into town singing a tune that we all like to hear....they are all of a sudden "the good guys" and on our side.

My friends, that is how things get co-opted.

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My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: My, Don't We Have a Short Memory.....   My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 9:03 pm

My friend, the numbers are staggering when it comes to the sociology of this Great Nation.

For many, religion serves as blinders, keeping them from the responsibility of bearing the truth for themselves. Much less their true responsibility towards their fellow man. And yes our government is plum eat up with religion and its biases.

In this life the paradigm of our time has come down to these facts. Of our species we have 90% followers, 8% leaders and 2% that find their own way. (I think its obvious the category we fit in)

It's of these numbers that you start to see the groups and their divisions in our species in regards to the greater consciousness of the human condition.

It really isn't a matter of what people should or shouldn't see. I mean you can't blame a blind person for being blind. Even though Blind is a piss poor excuse to not learn how to see. But how many do it? How many are such followers with their eyes so shut that even teaching them how to see means nothing, because they refuse to see it or learn it?

You can't have true faith in something that has No basis in reality. And 90% only know the reality others have taught them. That's why people fight over religion... How many claim faith in God, yet show none? How many claim faith in government, yet have none? How many claim faith in humanity,yet that's why people are still stumbling around in the dark... We both know that its only dark for them because of their eyes being closed.

I am starting to wonder though, is the problem blindness? I mean, after all we're guilty of bringing tons of enlightenment to this table of information farao Or is it that people lack the ability or just simply don't want to understand what they see? Like in your scenario about the abused woman.... at what point have you saved her so many times that you start to face the fact that, maybe she suffers this because she wants to? But it's suffering she's choosing to do by her own freedom of will to change or Not to change.

Brother, I know it sucks to see smart people be so damned blind and stupid..... But remember, Ignorance is forgivable because Ignorance means one doesn't know any better. Stupid however, means you knew better and did it anyways. I suggest helping the ignorant with your "callings" and leaving the stupid to God. At least that's how I try to sort out the liars when they come to me seeking understandings, but hey it's not an exact science. Wink Some no matter how much you help them still will break your heart. It's in their nature I guess, have to talk to God on that one.Blessed Be!
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Minority of One
Minority of One

Posts : 1044
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My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: My, Don't We Have a Short Memory.....   My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Icon_minitimeMon Nov 22, 2010 11:40 pm

Very true statements and very wise words.

Sometimes I question just who I'm dealing with....stupid or ignorant? Lots of times, it's a very thin line that seperates the two. With postings as such, it is my hope and prayer that maybe those who are ignorant to these things will finally say "huh, I never thought of it like that" and maybe fall out of the paradigms they have become so entangled in.

For me, it's tough to understand this mentality as I've always looked into finding out the truth no matter where it may lead me. I've had my entire world twisted and turned upside down before because of a new understanding that I had found.....then again, though we are back to the whole "stupid vs ignorant" argument again farao

This is one of the reasons why I tend to use the terminology of most people not really being "awake" to what's going on but rather are "sleepwalking". They move about as if they are awake and if you looked at them from a distance, one would easily believe they are awake however when you get really close and look at the's very easy to tell they are still sleeping. I see this A TON in this particular path I follow!

Lots of people look the part however they fail to add up when the time comes.....I know this is something you know all too well, my friend. For me, and I've heard others mention this too, once you awake and can actually SEE things and truly SEE through all the programming.....everything becomes quite clear.

Each and every single time the election rolls around, I hear the same old line of "vote the bastards out".....EVERY SINGLE TIME. I think to myself "how the hell can they not see that they do this everytime and everytime we end up in the same situation" yet things keep going on.

It just amazes me.

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My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: My, Don't We Have a Short Memory.....   My, Don't We Have a Short Memory..... Icon_minitime

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My, Don't We Have a Short Memory.....
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