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 Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones

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Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones Empty
PostSubject: Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones   Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones Icon_minitimeMon Feb 28, 2011 9:21 am

Defense Dept. commissions 'Cheetah' robot and Terminator-like droid; hummingbird drone also in works[/b]

BY Philip Caulfield

Sunday, February 27th 2011, 1:01 PM

Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones Alg_cheetah Boston Dynamics
Boston Dynamics' 'Cheetah' robot will be developed with a flexible spine and head. The company hopes it will eventually be able to sprint at speeds approaching 70 mph.

Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones Amd_petman Boston Dynamics
The Atlas, a human-like droid, will be able to walk through rough terrain, crawl and use its hands.

Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones Amd_hummingbird AP/Saxon
A tiny, drone aircraft designed to mimic a hummingbird, known as the "nano-hummingbird," on display during a briefing at the AeroVironment facility in Simi Valley, Calif.

A Massachusetts engineering firm known for creating futuristic military robots has received multimillion dollar contracts to develop two more battlefield bots for the Department of Defense. Boston Dynamics, which in 2008 unveiled a four-legged robot called BigDog, has been tapped by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the research and development arm of the DOD, to create a human-like robot and an agile, robotic Cheetah that developers said will eventually be able to run 70 mph.


The human-like bot, Atlas, will have two arms and legs, but no head, and be able to walk and jog upright, climb, squeeze through narrow alleyways and use its hands, Boston Dynamics said. The Terminator-like droid would represent a step forward from Boston Dynamic's current anthropomorphic robot, known at PETMAN, which is used to test chemical weapons protection suits for the Army.


The Cheetah will walk and sprint on four legs and will be designed to turn corners, zig-zag and start and stop on a dime.Though the robocat will be able to run faster than humans and seems to be suited for chasing down enemy prey, the company said it was more interested in advancing the technology, rather than developing the robots' battlefield responsibilities. "They're not so focused on what the ultimate use will be," Marc Raibert, lead investigator of the Cheetah program and Boston Dynamics' president, told the Boston Herald. "They're most focused on developing the technology and seeing what uses they can be applied to."

Eventually, the robots would be used for "emergency response, firefighting, advanced agriculture and vehicular travel" in areas inaccessible to tanks, Humvees and other wheeled vehicles, the company said.

The first Cheetah model is due in 20 months, and engineers are hoping it will be able to run 30 mph.

The company's BigDog turned heads three years ago when the company released videos showing it trotting over rocky and snowy terrain with a surprisingly lifelike gait. The cyberbeast was designed to serve alongside soldiers as a robotic pack mule, with the ability to carry more than 300 pounds of military gear. Boston Dynamics isn't the only company developing robotic animals for use during warfare.

On Friday, a California company unveiled a tiny spy plane resembling a hummingbird.

The "nano-hummingbird," developed by AeroVironment in Simi Valley, Calif., has a 6.5-inch wingspan and can record sights and sounds on a video camera in its stomach.

Developers said the miniature craft is designed to hover in the air and gather intelligence without the enemy noticing.

Read more: ][url=]

From M.o.1 -- Pretty soon, war will be as easy as playing a video game. No emotional trauma from actually looking a live person in the face as you blow them will be as easy as pressing the "x" button on your Playstation remote. Makes we wonder exactly why the these first person shooter games are so popular and pushed above all others? Afterall, the very first game of this type called "DOOM" was created by the military for training purposes. They found that shooting at paper targets did not desensitize the troops enough which caused them to actually miss or shoot above what they were aiming at since subconsciously they didn't want to kill anyone. First person shooter show blood, the bodies react to where they are shot and it becomes VERY real VERY QUICKLY.
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Defense Dept. Commissions 'Cheetah' Robot and 'Terminator-like' Drones
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