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 Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon

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PostSubject: Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon   Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Icon_minitimeFri May 13, 2011 3:20 pm

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered on Moon

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 3:10

When American astronauts left the Moon for the final time as the Apollo 17 mission wound down, none realized then that NASA would not return. Three more missions were scheduled, yet the program was scrapped.


For almost 40 years that question has been the nexus of an intense debate amongst space enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists.

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Luna07_13

George H. Leonard's classic book documented Lunar anomalies.

Although guesses ranged from lack of money and enthusiasm to an ominous alien threat, the truth seems to lie somewhere between the mundane and the incredible.

It cannot be denied that some years later—when America finally returned to the Moon in the form of a Department of Defense high resolution mapping satellite—more than 2 million photos were taken of the entire lunar surface. Of special interest: the far side of the Moon.

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon 300px-Cara-oculta-luna

The farside of the Moon

All the data was stamped Top Secret and rushed to a team of tight-lipped experts manning red-lit, windowless rooms in the secure underground chambers of the National Security Agency.

And then the decades dragged onwards under the cover of black projects funded by black budgets.

The Disclosure Project

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Disclosure_project

A parade of military officers, aircraft controllers and former intelligence personnel appeared before the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. during 2010. Among them was ex-Naval Intelligence officer Milton Cooper.

Cooper testified before the assembled press that during his career the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) briefed him—as part of his duty profile—about a base located inside a shallow crater on the Moon. He claimed the codename of the base—appropriately enough—is Luna, the formal name for the Moon.

Factions within the Pentagon, specifically the United States Navy, happened upon evidence that the Moon is inhabited and that at least one base exists. Circumstantial evidence also makes some suspect that other bases exist on the far side of the Moon.

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon 387
Enhanced photo of crater Moon base taken by Japanese space probe.

Another Disclosure Project participant, former US Air Force sergeant Karl Wolfe, testified that "I was asked to go over to this facility on Langley Air Force base where the National Security Agency (NSA) was bringing in the information from the Lunar Orbiter." [Disclosure Project]

"They took me into this laboratory, I took a look at the equipment, there was an 'Airman 2nd Class' in there, and I was an A2C as well."

Wolfe went on to testify that "We walked over to one side of the lab and [I was told], 'by the way we've discovered a base on the backside of the Moon.'"

According to Wolfe's deposition, the NSA man showed the Airman a mosaic of the lunar surface photographed by the Lunar Orbiter "...he pulled out one of these mosaics and showed this base which had geometric shapes, there were towers, spherical buildings, there were very tall towers and things that somewhat looked like radar dishes...but they were large structures."

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Moonpyramidapollo8as8-13-2225_001(1)

Alleged American Lunar base built in shallow crater on Moon.

Although the ONI and other Pentagon departments believe that the bases are not of Earth origin, the preponderance of evidence suggests they were built by humans within the past few decades and were constructed with some of the $40 trillion that's been funneled into the military and intelligence communities' black projects since the mid-1960s.
Much of the base may be under the surface and connected by ancient sub-lunar lava tubes.

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Lavatube

Lava tube. Some theorize an American Lunar base may be interlinked with such tunnels.

A 'dark' space program?

Rumors in the aerospace industry and the US Air Force have circulated for years about a separate, secret space program. The visible program run by NASA was for public consumption while the real work—and the focus of the nation's national security interests—was done under cover.

Many still wonder why the Vandenburg miltary shuttle launch site was suddenly abandoned during the 1990s with little fanfare. After spending many millions building the space launch facility designed to accomodate the Space Shuttle, the USAF abruptly tore it down. The facility never launched any shuttle.

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Vandenberg

Shuttle Enterprise stacked at Vandenberg pad for test. Facility never used.

Some at Lockheed insinuate that the fourth generation Aurora has full space capabilities, but the smart money is placed on the black platforms that many around the globe have been reporting as UFOs.
Space capable military platforms

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Black_triangle_ufo

Alleged photo of TR-3b in staging hangar at Lockheed Skunkworks

Among the exotic space capable craft that may well be ferrying military personnel between the Earth and Lunar bases is the TR-3b. The designation is not the official military name, but one that has been "assigned" to the mystery craft by aerospace insiders that have been kept out of the need-to-know loop.

The TR-3b has been seen by witnesses leaving or arriving at some USAF bases such as Scott Air Force base in Missouri and Wright-Patterson in Ohio.

Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon Scott_AFB-IL-1768328

Aerial view of Scott Air Force Base, Missouri.

The craft is utterly silent, stealthy, and is not designed to fly through the atmosphere. Many witnesses describe the platform as gliding and swiveling when it changes vector. The frame is not an airfoil and it does not bank when it turns, it just points its nose in the new direction when it changes its vector.

As the new space programs of India, Japan and China continue to ramp up more information on the mysterious lunar base may be revealed.

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Claim: Secret American Base Discovered On Moon
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