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This is a forum designed to cover all aspects of alternative research from religion to the paranormal to other aspects of global conspiracy.
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 Guy In Wheelchair Taken Down By Police

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Minority of One
Minority of One

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Guy In Wheelchair Taken Down By Police Empty
PostSubject: Guy In Wheelchair Taken Down By Police   Guy In Wheelchair Taken Down By Police Icon_minitimeThu May 26, 2011 8:41 am

From M.o.1 -- Welcome to the new America. A nation of corrupt cops, TSA checkpoints w/ naked body scanners on the streets, cameras on every corner and everyone is guilty until proven innocent. From my understanding in this video, this guy was charged w/ "assaulting an officer". I believe that this term is one of these most abused charges in law enforcement alongside "probable cause". The charge "assaulting an officer" basically means that if you touch the officer in ANY WAY, you have just committed assault. If the officer grabs you by the arm from behind and you pull away, congrats cause you just committed assault.

Here is another ridiculous example of how the term "assault" is abused by police:

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Guy In Wheelchair Taken Down By Police
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