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 Fort McPherson Internment Camp?

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Fort McPherson Internment Camp? Empty
PostSubject: Fort McPherson Internment Camp?   Fort McPherson Internment Camp? Icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2011 5:26 pm

Recently, there has been a relocation of the troops of Third Army from Fort McPherson, GA to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC. Upon hearing of this relocation, my first thought was that there is a HUGE empty base set up for internment in the Southeast. You have to wonder exactly why the Third Army would leave this base completely open while moving to the already crowded Shaw Air Force Base?

Fort McPherson Internment Camp? BRACmaps

Very similar to the layout, only smaller, of camps like Auschwitz:

Fort McPherson Internment Camp? AUSCHWITZ-1_Map

You have to ask yourself though, is there any historical backing behind the idea of Fort McPherson being used as an internment camp?

From Wikipedia:

As German-American relations worsened in the spring of 1917, nine successfully escaped detention, prompting Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels to act immediately on plans to transfer the other 750 to detention camps at Fort McPherson and Fort Oglethorpe in late March 1917,[19] where they were isolated from civilian detainees.[20] Following the U.S. declaration of war on Germany, some of the Cormoran's crew members joined them at McPherson, while others were held at Fort Douglas, Utah, for the duration of the war.

When you begin to look at how internment camps have been set up throughout history, they are typically divided into regions. An example of the US set up of Internment camps, you'll see what I am referring too:

Fort McPherson Internment Camp? 800px-USA600dpi

As you can see, there are "regions" much like the FEMA regions that have been established now:

Fort McPherson Internment Camp? Femare11

With military drills on interning citizens happening all the time combined w/ the new "threat" of homegrown terror(most certainly to be staged), these camps are primed and ready for use. If you have not seen the film "Camp FEMA" Parts 1 and 2, I would highly suggest doing so as they show just how fast these internment camps can be thrown together. Now, there is a "portable" prison system that can be put together now almost like assembling legos as you can see here:

Fort McPherson Internment Camp? Portable-prison-construction-truck

Another factor to understand, as I have gotten from insiders who have been in secret government prison camps, is that not all of what you see is located above ground. I know someone VERY close to me who was imprisoned in what appeared to be an empty camp. On the outside, all you could see was what looked like an empty lot w/ a guard tower and a fence. For all intents and purposes, it appeared to be an incomplete or old camp. Nothing to pay attention kind of looked like classic image that people have of this appearingly "incomplete FEMA camp":

Fort McPherson Internment Camp? Camplogo

Fort McPherson Internment Camp? Fema-camp

Here is the trick......this is an OPERATIONAL FEMA CAMP!!!

From my source who was at one of these camps for a period of 6 months, this entire camp is underground! They never were allowed to see the light of day. There were empty buildings at some of these places in which appeared abandoned however they would be a sort of "recreation" area or mess hall. However, the prisoners were never allowed to come above ground to go to any of these buildings but rather would travel underground between buildings. People need to be aware of this sort of thing and not just write off a camp because it appears to be non-operational.

In order to get an idea of understanding how such a thing could be happening behind closed doors, I would check out the film "Camp FEMA" to understand the documentation on how they have enabled this system of camps to be created. You can learn to understand terms like "Rex 84" and how that comes into play in all of this.

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Fort McPherson Internment Camp?
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