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 Media Attacks America On Independence Day

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Minority of One
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Media Attacks America On Independence Day Empty
PostSubject: Media Attacks America On Independence Day   Media Attacks America On Independence Day Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2011 5:54 pm

Media Attacks America on Independence Day!

Alex Jones
July 4, 2011
Media Attacks America On Independence Day 1101110704_400

I was shocked over the weekend to witness a full-scale talking point in the media demonizing our Founders and the precious Constitution. Please comment below with examples you’ve witnessed over the weekend so we can compile a more detailed report later in the week.

Please get this report out to everyone you know. It is our job as 21st Century Paul Reveres to raise the alarm that the enemy is within the gates working overtime to destroy the Republic and reduce us to absolute slavery.

From M.o.1 -- This has been a growing trend lately. Understand this though, this is not about "parchment idolatry" here whatsoever.....this is about the stripping away of documented rights that belong to the American people. As it stands, this document represents your rights as far as legality goes in this country. This is the document that has given Americans the right to have a firearm in their home, the right to free speech and many others that we exercise every single day. By saying this is "outdated", we are seeing the seeds being planted to where this tyrannical government can unleash itself from the chain held down by this document upon the American people once and for all.
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Media Attacks America On Independence Day
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