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 Scientists Created Bird Flu Superbug That Could Set Off Next Global Pandemic

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PostSubject: Scientists Created Bird Flu Superbug That Could Set Off Next Global Pandemic   Tue Jan 31, 2012 2:12 pm

Scientists created bird flu superbug that could set off next global pandemic

<p>Jonathan Benson
January 31, 2012

During roughly the same time period that health experts worldwide have been warning that the infamous H5N1 avian flu virus could soon morph into a highly-transmissible, exceedingly-deadly “super strain” capable of killing millions, scientists from around the world have been exposed deliberately developing such a strain in laboratories.

Last month, we reported about research work conducted by Ron Fouchier from Erasmus Medical College in the Netherlands that had successfully created a super-deadly strain of H5N1. Fouchier and his colleagues had originally planned to publish their controversial findings in medical journals until the scientific community and many members of the public decried the research, calling for an immediate end to it (

Not only is the publishing of critical data about a deadly new strain of H5N1 a massive public health risk, but the research itself is a huge risk as well, as the strain could end up escaping from labs and quickly spreading around the world. Bio-terrorists could also gain hold of the strain — or produce a similar one themselves — to be used for starting the next global pandemic (

Whatever the case may be, it is all too coincidental that such research has been taking place for the past several years at the same time that authorities from around the world have been fear-mongering about how H5N1 could eventually mutate. As it currently stands, H5N1 has not naturally become more virulent. The only seriously virulent strains in existence right now are those deliberately created by scientists using public funds.

Opposition to Fouchier’s work has continued so fervently since day one that he and his team have decided to temporarily halt any further research on their H5N1 strain, according to Russia Today. The damage has technically already been done, though, as the strain has already been created. However, details of the methodology used to create it have not been published, at least not yet (

Arguments in favor of Fouchier and the others research on H5N1 simply do not hold water, as they appear to offer nothing more than a convenient excuse for the intentional creation of a deadly, bio-weaponized viral strain. If and when the next global pandemic finally does arrive, in other words, we will all know who to blame if it happens to be a mutated form of H5N1.

Sources for this article include:

This article was first published on Natural News.

From M.o.1 -- You have to ask yourself exactly why they would go through the trouble to create an even MORE deadlier virus? They make the virus more transmittable to humans that before? What purpose does that have other than something harmful? When you look at the government white papers, you see that the endgame for global depopulation is some sort of bioweapon or at least that is one of the plans. Very dangerous times here, people.
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Scientists Created Bird Flu Superbug That Could Set Off Next Global Pandemic
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