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 Mobile Full Body Scanning Vans Are Being Deployed

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PostSubject: Mobile Full Body Scanning Vans Are Being Deployed   Tue Aug 24, 2010 7:06 pm

This is interesting to me for several reasons. When I use to work at the nuclear plant, we had to wear monitors which tested the level of radiation we were exposed too. I could work for months next to a nuclear reactor and not pick up as much radiation as I did when getting one single x-ray with protection.

What are the health dangers of these things that they aren't talking about?

You are talking about vehicles that have the ability to x-ray through another vehicle now you have to ask just how powerful these things are on the human body? When you think about this, you are talking about x-raying people WITHOUT any sort of protection at all!

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Mobile Full Body Scanning Vans Are Being Deployed
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