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 Establishment Republicans Poised To Take Control Of House From Establishment Democrats

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PostSubject: Establishment Republicans Poised To Take Control Of House From Establishment Democrats   Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:41 am

Click Here --- It's this very reason that nothing ever really changes in this nation's government. Everyone just keeps repeating the same cycle over and over again yet cannot understand why we always end up in the same spot.

People vote in Democrats because they hate the current the time the next election rolls around, people are saying "kick out those bastards" and they bring in Republicans again. The cycle just keep repeating with Dems and Reps over and over again! When are people gonna understand that the entire system is corrupt? It's a good guess that if you have heard of a certain politician, he's been corrupted. The game is so tight up there in DC that in order for these guys to even begin to get close to a political office; they have to corrupt themselves to the point where they are hardly anything resembling a normal human being who cares about helping their people.

Even your third party candidates have to be corrupted because by not doing so, they don't generate enough revenue in order to actually get close to any seat of power. Politicians lie....ALL OF THEM! There are numerous politicians that I do agree wtih on certain issues however I also understand that it is just rhetoric in order to get my mind that actual state of agreement. Without that, no one would vote for them.

All we see if talk and more talk even from apparently good politicians like Ron Paul. Lots of talk about how I'm gonna do this and how I'm gonna do that however nothing ever happens. We could chalk that up to maybe they are being blocked by these corrupt politicians or we could say that maybe that is there keep people hoping that this system will fix itself.

At this point, I don't understand why people even have any sort of faith in the voting system at all.

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Establishment Republicans Poised To Take Control Of House From Establishment Democrats
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