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 City Agrees To Lower Test Scores For Police Exam

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City Agrees To Lower Test Scores For Police Exam Empty
PostSubject: City Agrees To Lower Test Scores For Police Exam   City Agrees To Lower Test Scores For Police Exam Icon_minitimeSun Mar 13, 2011 11:38 am

City Agrees To Lower Test Scores For Police Exam

City Agrees To Lower Test Scores For Police Exam Wiggum

DAYTON — The city’s Civil Service Board and the U.S. Department of Justice have agreed on a lower passing score for the police recruit exam after it was rejected because not enough blacks passed the exam.

The city lowered both written exams a combined 15 points that resulted in 258 more people passing the exam, according to a statement released Thursday by Civil Service officials. The agreement allows the city to immediately resume its plans to hire police and firefighters.

The original passing scores determined by Civil Service required candidates to answer 57 of 86 (66 percent) questions correctly on one portion and 73 of 102 (72 percent) on the other. The lowered benchmark requires candidates to answer 50 of 86 (58 percent) questions correctly and 64 of 102 (63 percent) of questions on the other.

A total of 748 people passed the exam under the new benchmarks. It is unclear the demographics of those who passed.

The passing candidates will undergo preliminary background checks and, once that hurdle is cleared, will be subject to an oral interview. Those dates have not been determined.

The Justice Department’s rejection of the passing scores last month delayed the city’s firefighter’s exam that was slated for April 2. A makeup date has yet to be set for the exam.

The city said it wants to put new hires on the street in both police and fire departments by next year to replace dozens of retirees that have left public safety forces near all-time lows.

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From M.o.1 -- Do you notice how clever this move is? Disguised under the mask of "racial injustice" they have now lowered the standards for a police officer to pass his exam thus allowing less intelligent people to enter into a highly authorative position. This is no mistake. Those who are "mental midgets" possessing such a powerful position in society has all the elements to create power hungry tyrants! Breeding a police force such as this will open the door for people who are willing to do shut up and do what they are told....this is the plan.
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City Agrees To Lower Test Scores For Police Exam
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