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 Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions

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Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Empty
PostSubject: Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions   Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Icon_minitimeFri Jun 03, 2011 12:00 am

From M.o.1 -- I had forgotten that when I was doing remote viewing practice under Ed Dames program, I was doing this "practice" sessions through his site. To give you the basic outline of how these practice sessions work, you go to a link in his forum which will only contain two sets of numbers which will look something along the lines of "1234/5678". This is all the information that you start with and then you start your session. At the end of the session, you go back to the forum entry and click the link and it will show you the target you were supposed to be viewing. These are practice sessions designed to sharpen your skills. If you are not familiar with how Dames' program works, there are no "shut eyes", you are fully conscious the whole time and no thinking is allowed. Trust me when I say that if you think you know what it are messing up and will miss target.

I'm gonna post my old sessions and you'll see just how amazing this stuff was when I was starting it. You'll notice that the sessions became better the more I practiced the skill of remote viewing:



Feb 2, 2010
Remote Viewing Sessions Rock!

So I'm sitting up here getting ready to proceed to the next stage of RV and decided to hit another practice run. The important thing to understand with RV, which I'm finally start to understand and grasp, is how the human mind sees and understands images. It just doesn't see "a duck" but rather decodes it in pieces. It will see something feathery, webbed feet, quaking sound, etc and then go through the brain's "database" of different things that fit this pattern. If several things come up that the brain recognizes as fitting this description, the brain will gather more information and then compare it again to come up with the final description and translation of what this thing is that it's looking at.

The universal mind that is accessed through RV is EXACTLY like this. I never see anything that I can say is a solid image or whatever but rather different things that, at the time seem ABSOLUTELY(and I mean that) random until the entire picture is put together at the end.

How my practice sessions go is that I am given a target number of something....which could be anything at any time and just with those numbers, I come up with a composite drawing which will most likely look like scibble until it's decoded through archetypal understanding since that's how the mind sees. Now, if I want to take it all the way down(which would take a while) and get specifics as most of the pros do; I could but at this level I'm just looking to hit the target and understand what it is I'm looking at.

Typically though, an RV session just feels like you're randomly writing shit down.


I'll give you an example of the session I just finished about 15 minutes ago:

Now, I'm gonna leave out some of the "junk" sensory works and descriptions so you get a general idea. Different feels and textures I was getting was things like metallic, bumby, sharp, silky or clothlike. Colors were brown, black, green, red, bronze, Temperatures were hot, humid and the like. Sounds I was hearing were mainly voices, roaring, noisy, loud, rhythemic, get the picture. There were dimesions and such but I'll save you all of that and get to the "meat and potatos" of it all.

Once I finished my final site template of the target and drew it out, I also wrote up a description of what I saw through the archetypes since this was just a quick target practice hit. This was, from my archetypal drawing, what I come to the conclusion of:

>"I have a large number of people, standing and sitting, travelling through several structures. They appear to be walking towards them. They share the emotions of happy, cramped, annoyed, fearful, joyous, amazed and hectic. My feelings in this area was that of someone who was lost. Overall, this area is very crowded with people."

So what was the target?

An Indian Military Parade:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Indianmilitaryparade

That is the very picture that was my target. Now, if you look at pics, which a quick Google search will give you, of an Indian Military'll see it looks like this:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions 44382845soldiersdelgvap

The only thing you can't see, but you can in other pics, is that they are marching towards the city.
What makes this so amazing is this literally could have been ANYTHING that someone could take a picture of. ANYTHING! It could have been a bear taking a shit in the woods. It could have been the pyramids, a cruise ship, a fish in the water, a picture of you.....ANYTHING. Every single "analytical overlay", which is RV talk for shit you think it may be but usually isn't, was all revolving around large groups of people because I had things like "race track, stadium, cruise ship, football game" so I was heading the right place.
What makes it even more amazing is that I've only been doing this a week now.

Just another quick one, which was the last one that I did, that turned out to be pretty cool. I don't have my papers with me right off hand for all the details but I can tell you what I drew. My drawing had a bunch of structures around it with a big triangular structure in the middle with a circle around it.....kind of like a hoop.

My target:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Webleystadium

RV is by far the most amazing thing I have ever taken upon myself to learn!


Feb 9, 2010

Latest Remote Viewing Session......

So I'm still practicing my remote viewing but took a few days off to rest myself because I have the tendency to overtrain with pretty much anything related to picking up a skill......what can I say, it's just me Smile

I kind of took a little bit of "creative" intent with my RV work tonight and did something different. Instead of just going at it, like recommended, I decided to hit myself up with some Theta Waves in music beforehand. For those who don't know, Theta waves are supposedly the waves the open up a person's intuitive abilities to a higher level.

On to the RV session itself.......THIS WAS MY BEST YET!

I don't know whether I can attribute this to the Theta Waves or the time off but it's most likely a combination of both.

Here is the session:

Aspect (x)

Textures: bumpy, metallic, oily, slick, resilent, rough, hard, edged,
Colors: green, yellow, black, white, tan, blue, red
Smells: earthy, chemical,
Tastes: stale, sour, metallic, stoney
Sounds: rattling, clanging, humming, grinding, high pitched, noisy, squeaking, muffled, metallic, clanking, shrieking(I always get lots in this category)
Dimensions: Rectangular, peaked, edged, long,

Aspect (a)

Textures: Hard, coarse, edged, bumpy, metallic
Colors: brown, black, tan
Smells: moldy, stale
Tastes: chemical, stale
Temp: cool
Sounds: muffled, scraping, clanking, metal,
Dimensions: round, moving, flat, oval, curved, circular

Aspect (b)

Textures: sandy, wooden, gritty, mushy, semi-hard
Colors: tan, brown, white, faded, reflective
Smells: arid, moist
Tastes: salty, bitter
Temp: warm
Sounds: ringing, whirring, voices, chirping, roaring
Dimensions: low, long, horizontal, open, wavy

Now after going through these steps, I also received a few other feels which I also reported such as "it's a structure", "it's moving", "it's a machine". I also had feelings of excitement, amazed, astounded and also picked up other people feeling pretty much the same way. I had some analytical overlay which suggested it was a race track but that actually wasn't too far from the actual target.

Here is my Target:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions 29207320edit

I am VERY happy with my sensory descriptor words, which that what I wrote above for each aspect, on this particular target because they were spot on. If I could change one thing, I would have hoped to get the guy on the ride as opposed to some of the aspects of the ride. However for [x], if you look at my descriptor words you'll see that I'm on pretty much on target here. I think that [a] was interesting because I hit the tires on on the mower. I kept getting "pressure" as a strong feeling. For , I was getting the dirt track itself.

I tried to the best of my ability to recreate the pic I drew on paint so you can get an idea of what I got:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Targettemplate

One thing you'll notice is that I got some random structure in the background which has people(circles are universal archetypes for lifeforms especially when they are tiny and huddled in groups as such) crammed tightly together who are happy. Now what is it because it's not in the pic?

Do ya know?

I don't but I can use a little bit of detective skills to come to that conclusion. My guess is that if this is a race, then there will be spectators watching it. They will be crammed together tightly, probably excited and happy on the bleachers. My guess, is that this is the structure we are looking at here but I'll never know. My guess is that my aspect [b] was for the whole area because one of the things I picked up was "voices" under my sounds. Also on my aspect [b], I was not only picking up "sandy", "voices" and such but also picked up a "wooden" texture as well which leads me to believe the bleachers at this thing were wooden which wouldn't surprise me at all.

If I were investigating this target and had to figure out the site, I would probably after a little bit of evidence picking be able to figure this one out.

I probably would get caught up on trying to decide what kind of race I am looking at but because I have a "dirt" and "sandy" type of surface, that would rule out Nascar or anything like that. Because I have a structural, metallic object moving and not an organic life form, I could rule out horse racing or anything like that. I could think of it as possibly dirt bike racing but the object was too big in my viewing to be a dirt bike. I would probably have to narrow it down to go cart racing or some other type of object of this size but not automobile size........can't really say why but that was my feeling when I was originally doing his reading before seeing the pic.

Overall, for a random target which could be anything in the world at any time period imaginable.......this is pretty damned good if I do say so myself.

I really am enjoying this beyond belief!

I have all my old sessions and to be able to see the progression is wonderful!

Thanks for reading and remember.....

I'll be watching Smile


Feb 16, 2010

[b]Understanding the Universe Through Latest Remote Viewing Session

Since it's late, I'm not going to go into a long description but merely am gonna give the "nuts and bolts" of the session.

Tonight, I really learned something about the art of RV and the nature of the universe. We tend to see things as our eyes do and figure that this is the way things are supposed to be. Afterall, that is how we see them, correct?

According to the universal matrix.......uh,'s isn't.

The universe has no sense of time or anything like that. It sees really everything at once and there is no time. All it sees is what is there. Now, it also can see an object from various angles as well which is something I have learned tonight. An object, even though dead on, may appear mirrored, upside down, horizontal, vertical or the basic right side up that we normally see. It says that after practice, you can minimize this effect however if the universe is sent to a specific's just gonna view that target and that's that. How it views it is how it views it.

At first, I was a little confused because I had EVERYTHING from colors, to smells, to texture to picture draw WONDERFULLY......only upside down. It wasn't until I did a little research from one of the founders of remote viewing(possibly the grandfather of RV), Ingo Swann. Lots of his drawings appear this way especially earlier ones thus I found it was quite common. The funny thing about RV is that the drawing is important but being on target is much more important because the drawing can be worked out later. Being able to get the sights, sounds, smells, textures, etc of the site is REALLY being on target.

Now, on to the target.

Once again, I'm gonna recreate my Site Template here on paint so you can see what I'm referring's kind of weird:


Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Hotairbaloon1edit

What I originally drew:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Rvballoon

Now if you invert that image, you would get this:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Rvballoonflip

The universal matrix does not discrimimate how it sees things. I did have another random shape that popped in there that apparently must have been just garbage but I believe it was me reading those lines on the balloon itself.

Because what we see is on a "3D" level, we expect other elements to operate on this same level but it's just not so. The universe see things on "4D" and higher therefore it will see from all angles once you tap into that universal vision.

There is no time

Everything is happening at once

Seeing with the universal eyes truly gives one a glimpse of what 4D visualization can truly be.

Granted I am merely a novice at this and still have a great bit to learn but such is the nature of life. I like to think I'm a fast learner so I hope that maybe some of my findings can help others to understand this universal mind a little bit better.

Peace and as always.....I'm watching Smile


Apr 25, 2010
Latest Remote Viewing Practice Session 4/25/10

Alrighty guys, it's been a while since I've done any Remote viewing practice targets. I decided to take a little break from them since I think I was burning myself out a little bit. The last one that I ended up doing had the picture screwed up so I never got to see what the target was. That was about a month ago and I hadn't done one since.

Sooooo, it's time to get back on the horse and ride!

One thing that concerned me greatly about taking time off was that I was afraid that I would get rusty and lose my progress. This is something that has to be practiced over and over again or you won't make much progress. Taking time off is always a concern but, as you'll see from my site template, it's just what the doctor ordered to refocus my energy!

What I got from my session before seeing the target picture was:

A hard structure that was carrying people in the water....a boat. However, it wasn't a large object like a submarine(which was an early AOL) or a big boat but rather something small carrying one or two people. It was in moving , felt smooth to the touch, was bright and shiny and the only color I got for the object itself was "red".

The surrounding area had an earthy smell and I got lots of brown and tan colors. Despite it being the water, the area was very dry and stale which leads me to believe it's not the ocean. There is also a "hissing" sound. I can also hear people talking which leads me to believe there is more than one person there.

The feelings associated with this site are "excited, reflective, intrigued and relaxed" which leads me to believe this is some sort of relaxing trip rather than rapids or anything of that nature.

Now, for my actual drawing which I recreated here:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Rvtarget This is what my actual target was that I saw when I finished the session:

Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions Trn70358454 Not too bad, if I say so myself. It's funny but from the very beginning before I wrote a single thing, I had a feeling of this thing being associated with water. I was getting a submarine for a while but then I started realizing that it wasn't that big. The water feel was very strong which is good because that means I connected with the target from the very beginning which isn't always an easy me on that one!

I'm very pleased with this result!

I guess some time off it what I needed to re-energize!

Until next time......... I'll be watching!

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Some of My Old Remote Viewing Sessions
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