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 What Propaganda Looks Like....

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PostSubject: What Propaganda Looks Like....   Thu Sep 16, 2010 11:09 am

A nice fresh "Global Warming Agenda" propaganda video from Greenpeace:

---The interesting thing to me is that it's marketted to pull on the strings of people from a childs point of view. They have this kid saying that "undeniable proof" has come out about the Earth and while they may be true....the cause is one thing that isn't covered.

Why don't they mention how EVERY SINGLE planet in this solar system is having the same occurences on their planets? What do you suppose caused this? I don't see gas powered cars riding around on Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn YET they are experiencing the same symptoms that this planet is feeling now. What is the connection that we have to all of these planets exactly?

The answer........

Want some evidence:

Click Here --- Sun Blamed for Warming of Earth

Click Here --- National Geographic: "Mars Melt Hints At Solar, Not Man Made Warming"

Click Here --- Medieval Warming Period (what caused that, gas powered carriages or farting horses)
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What Propaganda Looks Like....
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